Best Dedicated Server For Arma 3

Arma 3 is a resource-intensive military tactical shooter video game that has gaming enthusiasts, on the edge searching for reliable hardware to accommodate and run the game. Besides, gaming enthusiasts are always in constant conflict on the proper hardware to use with the video game.

So, while one player is advocating for the Intel CPU, another group of players are fronting for Ryzen, which is known to offer single-core performance. Overall is that Arma 3 is a CPU-intensive game and for you to be furnished with enhanced visual fidelity and minimal to zero lag a dedicated server is your only option.

Investing in the best-dedicated server for Arma 3 is the only way to enjoy the game with zero hardware hardships, remember that Arma 3 has a steep learning curve so you don’t want to combine the hardships of learning the game with finding the right equipment. What many people fail to realize is that a CPU has to run the game and your PC must host the server as you play, and which leads to delay consequently killing the fun.

Arma 3 is an interesting game configured to simulate real military combat where you will find the game utilizing tools such as the range finders, compasses, and military vehicles among others. With that in mind let us break into the features of the best-dedicated server for Arma 3.

Best Dedicated Server For Arma 3

Host Havoc

Host Havoc boasts of up to 10 data centers across the globe, meaning that you can be sure of a 99.9% uptime as you play Arma 3 on the premium dedicated servers. The service provider offers you two dedicated server options, one that operates with Ryzen and which goes for $240, and the Intel-run server that goes for $180. So, whichever server that you decide to settle with you will be furnished with free DDOS protection, you will also be allowed full root access, and get a free dedicated IPV4.

Users are free to choose the OS of their liking from the wide variety of LINUX OS’s or better yet they can run their OS, but after providing a valid ISO. Host Havoc runs a variety of options, including installing a Windows server on a client’s dedicated machine that they can activate with their license or a trial. The service provider is known to utilize the latest hardware in the market and provides their clients with access to their server through the synergy control panel.

Synergy control panel is a dedicated server control panel that has been specially designed by Host Havoc for use by unmanaged clients. Host Havoc assures its clients of 24/7 support with no binding contracts and hidden fees.

GTX Gaming

GTX gaming runs a host of features that allow you to create your gaming server, and new games will be added as soon as they are released. Among the service provider’s best features is the remote desktop, which is provided with dedicated servers. This feature gives you the freedom to install other unique features that will enhance your gaming experience.

And if you thought that GTX Gaming dedicated servers are all play, you are mistaken because the TCAdmin 2 addon, allows you to sell some of the game servers so that you can pay for the box or start a game server company. Notable is that GTX gaming offers their customers the chance to make money gaming, and even better is that still under GTX gaming you are free to use the WHMCS to set up servers but by utilizing the customized plugin.

For Arma 3 GTX Gaming offers a custom control panel that simplifies hosting, their pricing is pocket friendly and users will be treated to amazing and scalable features.

Citadel Servers

Citadel offers hosting for Arma 3 from as low as 0.85 per slot/player and the advantage of hosting with the Citadel servers is that you will be provided with Arma 3, all Arma 3DLC, and Arma 3 Apex. Once you have purchased your dedicated server, you are allowed to upload your custom apps and even tweak the server map list.

Citadel Servers will provide you with more than 100 missions, a code manager, and a workshop mod downloader. The server rental will benefit from features such as full database access, advanced DDos protection, access to third-party tools, integrated backup, and high-performance Xeon processors. What’s more is that the control panel provided by Citadel servers are intuitive thus enables easy installation of the supported modes, and users can also change without restrictions.

Notable is that you can start, stop and reinstall your server. You are also free to schedule tasks, run backups, and scripts. You are also free to set admin permissions and view the server logs.

Logic Servers

For Arma 3, Logic servers offer you up to 4 unique server hosting options. So, if you wish to build your custom server you will have to part with £0.39 and here you will get between 15-60 slots, for 15 slots you will have to pay £10.49/mo, and for 30 slots it will cost you £19.24/mo and £34.24/mo for 60 slots. All the above packages are backed by DDos protection, reliable customer support, and mod support.

Logic servers invest in the most powerful processors, SSD storage, and Gigabit uplinks. The dedicated server provider has limited methods of accepting funds, so if you don’t have a MasterCard, a Visa Card, American Express, or PayPal then you will not be able to access the services.

Logic servers are stationed in the major cities, however, their dedicated servers are not exactly pocket friendly, the most expensive one goes for £240.00 while the cheapest goes for £110.00. The major differences between the servers is the processor and storage capacity. The dedicated servers from Logic servers operate on the premium network that has been built with a special focus on low latency and redundancy.

All the dedicated servers are IPV4 and IPV6 supported, they boast of powerful hardware and the managed server option comes as standard for Logic.

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