Best Offshore Dedicated Server

Offshore dedicated server hosting offers autonomous control over the server, the service also offers dedicated resources when compared to the shared or VPS option. And, before we get to our reliable collection of the best offshore dedicated servers, you might be wondering why you should settle with an offshore dedicated server.

Well, the simple reason is that you will get free migration and be treated to the latest processor, RAM, SSD, and HDD drives, you also get full root access, full data privacy, and 24/7 technical support. What’s more, is that the offshore dedicated servers offer pocket-friendly prices, they are also pretty secure, because if there is a natural disaster in your country. And the off-site server is located in the same country or state then it might easily be affected by the same natural calamity.

In essence, is that offshore dedicated servers offer enhanced security because the natural disaster in your home country or state has got nothing to do with the offsite server in another country. Besides, some countries have issues with some types of content that may lead to your website being shut down but with the offshore dedicated servers, you can run controversial content without attracting legal implications. And with that in mind, below is a list of the best offshore dedicated servers that you can invest in.

Best Offshore Dedicated Server


Kamatera gives you total control of your website, their infrastructure allows you to upgrade, install and re-install to any operating system of your liking. You will also be treated to a cache of operating systems that are available in both the latest and previous versions including editions. Examples of operating systems that you will be interacting with are such as Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Open SUSE.

The offshore dedicated server service provider operates up to 13 global data centers located in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and North America. So, once you decide to settle with Kamatera as your offshore dedicated server provider, here is what you must understand, the service provider runs up to two types of dedicated servers. There is the traditional dedicated server whose owner will maintain their infrastructure with little support from Kamatera. Meaning that you will have to invest in the relevant server hardware, work on installation and connection.

Kamatera will be responsible for server maintenance, upgrades, and security. They also have the hosted dedicated servers that allows you to lease a specific hardware combination thus hardware maintenance among other services is the responsibility of Kamatera. To find out the pricing of your dedicated server kamatera gives you the option of selecting your preferred CPU cores, storage, and memory among other features and then you will use the provided calculator to calculate the pricing of your package. You are also provided with the option of building your server at very little cost.


FlokiNET does offer dedicated servers and their pricing and specs are region-specific, they, therefore, have different packages for Iceland, Romania, Finland. FlokiNET offers 24/7 customer support and has a published telephone number on their website for inquiries and further clarification.

The Service provider dedicated servers boast of the following features, DDos protection on all their dedicated servers with a capacity of 1210 Gbps network filtering, thus you can be sure that your website will always be live.

FlokiNET also runs an enterprise line that is provided by HP and offers solutions that resonate with a range of computing requirements. The service provider dedicated servers also boast of the iLO remote console that can remotely perform functions that would otherwise require visits to the data center. The service provider offers varied payment options, such as Bitcoin, Western Union, and PayPal among others thus you don’t have a reason for not getting an offshore dedicated server.


Abelo host has curated special features that individuals who want to host their websites offshore will benefit from. The Service provider is well versed with issues of data privacy to which end it restricts the retrieval of data by both corrupt and non-corrupt entities for personal gains. AbeloHost also offers a flexible content policy that operates within the confines of the laws of a democratic first-world country.

Among the supporting factors that make AbleoHost a reliable offshore dedicated server service provider, is their use of durable infrastructure that minimizes shutdowns while maximizing power and speed. Abelohost invests in the latest hardware annually, they also ensure to create an environment that ensures their infrastructure is not compromised under any adverse condition.

And in case you were wondering about pricing, AbeloHost operates on a motto that guarantees their clients the best service at the lowest cost. You also stand to gain from their after-sales services where you will be provided with free reliable information about website design, business development, and marketing.

Notable is that they accept various forms of payment be it Credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Bitcoin. The service provider will also treat you to a variety of offshore domains, they can manage your server as you focus on other demanding engagements and can curate for you a customized website.


In comparison to the reviewed offshore dedicated server providers, Interserver does seem to only cater to a small category of users, judging from the payment options that they offer. Settling with Interserver means that you will have to either use, Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Discover, or Paypal, to pay for the services.

Apart from that minor disadvantage, you will enjoy a free migration, you will also be treated to a huge variety of cloud apps, at least up to 461, and with one click they will seamlessly install on your website.

Being hosted by Interserver means that your website will enjoy a 99.9% uptime, their renewal costs are pocket-friendly. And their network is route optimized, Interserver additionally runs the latest server optimization and security technology. They also boast of a capable support team that can be reached through live chat, phone, or the ticket system. The service provider also provides its clients with a trial window period of 30days, where you will get a refund of your investment if the services are not up to your satisfaction.

Interserver also has various packages for dedicated servers that retail for as low as $49.00/mo and come with a lot of free features, such as DDoS protection, managed support, remote OS Reinstall, 20TB transfer, remote reboots, and 4-hour provisioning including the remote KVM.

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