Kamatera presents meticulously crafted packages catering to enterprises of all dimensions, catering equally to novices and veterans alike. Embark on a journey of unwavering dependability with servers strategically positioned in proximity to your desired audience. Explore the limitless possibilities with Kamatera today!

  • Provides flexibility and scalability
  • You can make a customized plan
  • Global presence
  • Prompt customer support
  • Almost no information in the knowledgebase
  • Challenging for beginners

Kamatera stands as a premier global provider of cloud services, furnishing top-tier cloud infrastructure solutions tailored for organizations across all scales and domains. An integral component of an esteemed international IT service provider founded in 1995, Kamatera proudly exemplifies the forefront of cloud computing innovation, fortified by two decades of unwavering expertise.

Kamatera Review

Established in 1995, Kamatera has swiftly risen to become a dynamic and globally acclaimed service provider. While perhaps not as widely recognized as some of its counterparts, Kamatera distinguishes itself through an unswerving dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and unparalleled affordability.

Catering to a diverse clientele spanning the globe, Kamatera specializes in cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting, all finely tuned to personalized specifications. Headquartered in the vibrant hub of New York, United States, Kamatera has garnered widespread renown for its cutting-edge cloud solutions. Notably absent from the BBB directory, Kamatera’s reputation speaks through its clientele, amassing a noteworthy 3.7 out of 5 rating based on a substantial 100 reviews on TrustPilot.

Confident Rating Analysis

Our prowess lies in a meticulously devised methodology for juxtaposing hosting services based on specific comparative benchmarks. The genesis of this comprehensive hosting rating guide is attributed to the collaborative insights of BMFHost experts, thus bestowing a landscape of impartial and confident evaluations.

Kamatera Pricing & Plans – 2023

Kamatera boasts an array of hosting plans, encompassing cloud, dedicated, and VPS solutions. The bedrock of our pricing structure is grounded in an hourly framework, allowing seamless resource adjustments to align with fluctuating traffic dynamics and workloads.

Our focus extends to more intricate tiers within the realm of cloud hosting, meticulously architected under the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, thus rendering it optimal for substantial corporate entities and enterprises.

A window into our offerings reveals a 30-day complimentary trial, albeit requiring the submission of credit card particulars. Presently, our payment ecosystem solely encompasses credit cards. kamatera cloud hosting The tabular representation serves as a preliminary framework for comprehending our cloud hosting pricing. Actual costs may fluctuate contingent on resource allocation, encompassing processor, storage, RAM, and beyond.

The discerning client also possesses the autonomy to elect between cPanel and Plesk. Furthermore, an unlimited expanse awaits in terms of site count and bandwidth. Delve into a dialogue with our proficient technical support cadre, illuminating your prerequisites to unveil tailored recommendations.

Insight: This platform seamlessly caters to websites, applications, SaaS enterprises, and businesses necessitating transaction processing. Its architecture effortlessly scales, adeptly meeting the surge in computational demands as growth ensues.

Kamatera VPS Hosting

kamatera VPS Hosting Kamatera’s VPS hosting presents an economical, versatile, and all-encompassing solution tailored to diverse computational demands. A spectrum of options awaits your selection, influencing plan pricing accordingly.

The introductory pricing at default configurations is outlined above.

Insight: Enterprise entities stand to gain efficiency through the transition to VPS hosting, achieving space optimization and streamlined labor resources. An ideal choice for SaaS enterprises seeking seamless adaptation and scalability of their computational frameworks.

Application Hosting

For precise pricing details, we invite you to connect with our adept technical support team. Kamatera’s hosting platform leverages both Windows Server and Unix OS, seamlessly enabling the deployment of your applications onto the cloud, all while maintaining an accessible cost structure.

Insight Application hosting shines brightest in its support for VB6 runtime, databases, and SaaS applications. The .NET framework operates on your cloud server akin to its physical counterpart.

Key Features

  • Cloud, VPS, and Application Hosting
  • Cloud Native Services
  • CPU & Email Monitoring
  • Backup Scheduling


Kamatera asserts its stance as a purveyor of enterprise-grade cloud hosting solutions. Fusing flexibility, scalability, and global reach, coupled with comprehensive instance control and a spectrum of managed services, it emerges as a potent and unparalleled hosting remedy. An optimal choice for those bearing diverse workloads or embarking on a cloud migration journey.

Delving deeper, Kamatera confers augmented infrastructure instance governance, bespoke image implementation, security group configurations, user data adaptability, and more. It extends its support to managed databases and managed Kubernetes, effectively alleviating the operational load tied to infrastructure management.


In the quest for a web host, careful consideration of pivotal metrics is imperative to make an informed decision. While pricing and customer service naturally hold prominence, the assessment should extend to encompass vital facets like page loading speed, responsiveness, and uptime reliability.

Page loading speed denotes the duration required for a website to comprehensively load within a browser, occasionally termed as “response time” or “time to first byte,” often quantified in seconds.

Typically, optimal loading should transpire within two to three seconds. Server speed serves as a barometer of how expeditiously the hosting provider‘s servers deliver data to website visitors, while uptime delineates the constancy of these servers’ online presence.

Kamatera extends a robust 99.95% uptime assurance. Evaluating the hosting speed and loading proficiency of peppersource.com, a comprehensive performance examination was executed utilizing GTMetrix. The ensuing outcomes unfolded as follows:

  • Parttarget.com demonstrated a commendable response time (TTFB) of 341 ms, accompanied by a complete loading time of 9.11 seconds (industry experts advocate 1-2 seconds).
  • The domain showcased an overarching performance score of 99%, a truly commendable achievement!

kamatera review

Level Of Support

Kamatera ensures unwavering 24/7 customer support, offering a diverse range of communication avenues including phone, email, and live chat. This robust accessibility guarantees swift and effortless assistance for users in need.

Phone & Email

The support phone number and email can be readily located on their website. Furthermore, prospective users have the option to reach out to the sales team for inquiries prior to plan acquisition. kamatera suport

Live Chat

While the live chat agent demonstrated prompt responsiveness, the interaction fell short of addressing my queries adequately. Despite posing basic questions, I was provided with an email address for contact. Regrettably, when I sought clarification on basic support coverage, the chat was abruptly terminated, leaving an unprofessional impression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQs section provides answers to a limited number of questions, currently ranging from 3 to 4. However, a comprehensive knowledge base is not yet established.

Kamatera FAQ

User-Friendliness – Seamless Experience

Registration Process Initiating your Kamatera journey is streamlined and efficient; protracted forms won’t consume your time.

A simple click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button located on their homepage sets the process in motion. Subsequent to this, email verification is all that’s required for completion. Kamatera Free Trial

Kamatera Control Panel Experience

kamatera review control panel Upon successful registration, you will seamlessly transition to the Kamatera Control Panel, characterized by its intuitive and user-friendly design.

WordPress Installation on Kamatera

The process of WordPress installation entails a few strategic steps. Initially, you’re tasked with crafting a cloud-based server, selecting your preferred zone, and opting for one of the designated choices available within the “Apps images” section. wordpress installation kamatera review In my case, I opted for Cyberpanel, though the traditional CPanel alternative is equally viable. Following successful installation, gaining access and subsequently installing WordPress is facilitated through the Application installer menu. wordpress installation kamatera review 2 wordpress installation kamatera review 3 wordpress installation kamatera review 3

Incorporating an Email Account with Kamatera

It’s noteworthy that Kamatera does not extend email hosting services. However, the integration of email accounts remains feasible via cPanel setup or through engagement with external email hosting providers.

Final Verdict: Kamatera – A Strong Recommendation

Having conducted a comprehensive assessment of Kamatera, I am confidently inclined to recommend this hosting solution, particularly to individuals well-versed in the realm of cloud computing.

In my perspective, Kamatera boasts an array of distinctive and potent features, aptly suited for a diverse array of users. The adaptable pay-as-you-go pricing model stands out, offering unparalleled flexibility by enabling users to exclusively pay for the resources they consume, free from upfront expenses or protracted commitments.

This feature proves particularly advantageous for users navigating dynamic traffic patterns and varying workloads, offering an elevated degree of scalability to meet shifting demands. Kamatera’s repertoire encompasses an impressive spectrum of native cloud services, encompassing vital facets such as load balancing, auto-scaling, and storage.

This wealth of offerings is complemented by a global presence of data centers, affording customers the freedom to select a location nearest to their user base, thereby elevating performance and curtailing latency.

In summation, the inherent adaptability and scalability of Kamatera’s services, coupled with its global reach and the comprehensive assortment of native and managed cloud services, establish it as an exceptionally robust and distinctive hosting solution, catering to a multitude of use cases.

If your contemplations extend to selecting a hosting provider, Kamatera unquestionably warrants your attention.

Kamatera Details

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