Why You May Need Dedicated Server For Your Business?

You might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of server options available for your business. However, it is crucial that you determine which type is right for you. To narrow down your list, you can start by choosing between a shared server or a dedicated server.

dedicated server is a type of hosting where you get to rent an entire server for yourself. Meaning, you don’t have to share resources with anybody else. This gives you complete control over the server in terms of its data storage, bandwidth, operating system, and hardware. The opposite is true with shared hosting. Both have their own merits, but there are some instances when you should consider using a dedicated server over a shared one.

With that, read on to find out what are the benefits of having your own server and why you would need one.

dedicated server

Tighter security

Going online can leave you vulnerable to various threats and risks. This is especially true if you are dealing with sensitive data such as your customers’ identity, credit card numbers, emails, and address. Hence, one of the top reasons why organizations choose dedicated servers over shared ones is security.

According to IBM Security, 19% of data breaches happen in compromised shared servers. If a cyberattack happens to anyone within your shared server, it can affect you as well. This won’t be a problem with a dedicated server since it is wholly your own. It also gives you complete control over security perimeters and transparency with security updates done on your website.

Enhanced performance

Performance is also a huge factor for those who plan to go for a dedicated server. Having your own server means there is nobody to share your resources with. Such exclusivity results in faster applications and better performance compared to shared servers or cloud-based ones.

So when you think that your website is unable to cope with your current traffic, then it is high time you move to a dedicated server. It ensures that your website remains stable despite the boost in traffic. Likewise, it can shorten your website’s loading time so that visitors can freely explore your brand to their heart’s content.

Better flexibility

Dedicated servers are also perfect for those who plan to scale in the future. It gives you the freedom to customize your server as needed. Unlike shared hosting, it won’t limit you in terms of applications, CPU, RAM, and software. Hence, you can create a server environment that leaves enough room for your business to grow in.

And with such versatility, there are various dedicated server uses to benefit from. Aside from web hosting, you can also use it as VPN (Virtual Private Network), data storage, email servers, and CVS (custom virtual setups). You can even use it to set up your ecommerce or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Little to no limits

Sharing a server has storage limits since you won’t be the only one accessing its resources. It puts a cap on your bandwidth, website traffic, RAM usage, and more. This can prevent you from adding more pages or media files into your website. Likewise, it can affect your webpages’ loading time and its images’ resolution.

Meanwhile, a dedicated server gives you full access to all the resources within the server. You don’t have to worry about other websites piggybacking on your server’s CPU, bandwidth, or RAM. This makes sure that your website remains stable and optimized at all times.

Lower costs

You might think that dedicated servers are ideal for bigger companies, but businesses of all sizes can benefit from it. So what does a server do for a small business?

For one, it is a low-cost way to access and maintain a full server. This is because your dedicated hosting provider handles the cost of building and managing the server equipment. This includes your router, storage, and firewalls. It also virtualizes some of the functions of your devices so that you can do away with manual management. This way, you don’t have to hire in-house experts to monitor your system for you.

Nonetheless, it is still up to you if you want to have your own experts in overseeing your applications and servers. You can check out information systems jobs salary to help you decide.

Choosing dedicated server

You might be wondering why is a server important? A good server doesn’t just increase your data storage. It can also improve data management and processing within your organization. This way, both customers and employees can easily access information and services that you are willing to give.

Choosing between a dedicated server and a shared one can be tricky. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, there will come a time when you should start considering moving to a dedicated server. This is especially true for rapidly growing businesses. To find out more about the different types of servers, you can check out BMF Host.

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