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SuSocial is the solution to automating several social media accounts at once, the bot gives you the power to schedule posts across platforms, and also manage several accounts. The application has gained popularity among social media marketing companies, as they can swiftly automate hundreds of social media accounts daily.

So to exploit the full potential of SuSocial it must first run in your windows system so that it can perform the relevant functions. Alternatively, you could rent a virtual machine on a remote server that will emulate the Windows environment. If you don’t do any of the above then you won’t be able to fully benefit from SuSocial because the automation will only work when your computer is powered up and running SuSocial.

To run SuSocial, your computer must first be running on windows, better yet you could invest in a virtual server or a dedicated server that runs on windows. If you however use SuSocial on a windows VPS then you can be sure that it will run 24/7 even if the computer is shut down.

When it comes to hosting requirements it basically depends on the number of social media accounts that you wish to automate, and the activities that you wish to tweak on each of the accounts. A powerful computer will be needed for individuals planning to add and automate more social media accounts. For example, if you have over 10 social media accounts you will need at least 4GB of RAM.


Green Cloud

Green cloud offers both the windows VPS and the dedicated servers. The windows VPS offers up to 6 premium plans, the highest plan (the 10Gbps windows VPS) goes for $35/mo, and offers 4GB-12GB RAM, this plan allows SEO tools and the operating system is the windows server 2021 R2/2019. Now depending on your workload, this plan is subdivided into other premium options thus you can get a package that goes for $105, with an 8 core CPU, a 12GB memory, and unmetered bandwidth.

If you are on a tight budget, you can go for the budget $8/mo plan, and which offers between 1GB-8GB RAM, notable is that with this option you will not get the SEO options, but you stand to benefit from unmetered bandwidth, a pure SSD and the windows server 2019 OS. There are other plans under this category, with the highest going for $48/mo, and offers up to 8GB SSD, 4 cores, and an 8GB memory.

All the plans by Green cloud are backed by a 1Gbps port solid network, and all the plans are fully scalable with the option of upgrading the RAM/hard drives among other features, support is also available 24/7.


Contabo allows you to install the operating system that works for your business, and since you are looking for one to effectively work with SuSocial, you have the option of installing the Windows OS. Provisioning of your VPS can be done in as little as 20minutes but after completing payment using your credit card. The service provider does not charge extra fees for higher traffic, you also get DNS management through the web interface, and DDoS protection is included.

Uptime monitoring is available, account owners also get additional backup space. Contabo offers up to 4 plans, with zero setup fees and unlimited oncoming traffic. The cheapest plan goes for $6.99 and offers up to 8GB RAM, 200 GB SSD, and 4vCPUcores. Important to note is that depending on the windows server that you want you will have to pay a premium. For example, if you opt for windows server 2016 then you will have to part with $6.49, the same goes for windows servers 2012R2. Contabo’s highest package goes for $34.99/mo, to which you will get up to 60GB RAM, about 10vCPU cores, and a 1.6TB SSD.

The plan allows you to integrate the windows OS of your choice, compared to the cheaper package. The windows option for this package are quite expensive, with the Windows Server 2016 going for $47.99, while the Windows server 2019 goes for $49.99.


Hostiger offers some of the most pocket-friendly packages, and their servers operate on the Intel Xeon processor and SSD drives. The cheapest package, therefore, goes for 2.99/mo, and which comes with a 100mbps network, a 20GB SSD, a 2GB RAM, and 1 core CPU. The most expensive package goes for $19.99 and is backed with a 300mbps network, a 160GB SSD, a 16GB RAM, and up to 8 core CPU.

All the plans are provided with 1 IPV4 address and they all operate the windows OS except for the $2.99/mo plan. Since you want a VPS for SuSocial you have been provided with several windows options, so you can either settle with windows 2016, 2019, or Windows 2012 R2. The windows servers come at an extra cost but if you choose Linux then it is free.

The plans are customizable, and if your needs grow then you can simply upgrade to a higher plan that offers more RAM, CPU, and disk space. The above can be done without necessarily re-installing the OS.

SuSocial VPS

Well, it seems like SuSocial created both the problem and the solution, so if you have been scouting the markets and are not impressed with the lack of a windows OS on the cheapest plans, then SuSocial will sought you out. SuSocial has two VPS options for you, so if you are operating not more than 6 accounts, you will get free windows VPS for 1 year. This option will allow you to have your accounts run continuously without necessarily having your computer on, 24/7.

Individuals who run more than 10 accounts will definitely require a more powerful VPS you will, therefore, have to settle with the first VPS reviewed in this article, as a recommendation by SuSocial. If you get on board SuSocial you will get a free 5-day trial, just to prove to you that you don’t have to spend hours on end updating your social media applications.

SuSocial VPS cheapest plan goes for $25/mo and offers 2 cores, up to 4Gb memory, windows 2012 R2/2019 and you also get huge storage of up to 40GB SSD. The highest plan goes for $160/mo with a memory of 32GB, a 16 cores CPU, and up to 300GB SSD.

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