What Does A Dedicated Server Mean?

What does a dedicated server mean?

This is a form of web hosting that can give you exclusive use of a server. The remote server is often dedicated to a single organization or individual. It is owned and managed by a backend provider. A user can connect this server remotely over the internet to perform different activities.

Every organization has to store some data. It can be user credentials, analytics, or even personally identifiable information. As you go through different hosting options, you may come across this different types of hosting like cloud, VPS, and dedicated servers. Read on to learn everything regarding dedicated servers.

How a dedicated server works

This type of server is also known as a bare-metal server. It is computer hardware that can help you host different websites, applications, and data. The enterprise-grade physical server is designed to host websites that receive a lot of traffic.

A dedicated server is different from other infrastructure hosting options since the environment only hosts a single tenant. This differs from other hosting options that divide the server between different users. The problem with multi-tenant environments is that they don’t offer the same performance and full resources as a dedicated server. This server is more powerful than the rest since it offers more flexibility and power.

This server is like a desktop machine. It contains storage, memory, network hardware, and processors. Many people choose dedicated servers since they feature enterprise-grade hardware that is less prone to failure.

The features of a dedicated server


Enterprise-grade servers utilize ECC RAM. The Error-correcting code RAM is known to be more reliable than the RAM that is found in a regular PC or laptop. This type of RAM that is used in a dedicated server contains special hardware which prevents problems caused by data corruption. Corruption can occur due to reasons such as cosmic rays and electric interference. ECC RAM makes a dedicated server more reliable since it can detect and correct errors.

Since a dedicated server is built using high-quality components, it can run for years without any issues. Apart from the RAM, this server can also accommodate greater memory compared to a regular machine. You may find a dedicated server that features a memory of 512 GB.


Dedicated servers also come with very powerful processors. The processors found in dedicated servers are engineered for scalability and optimal speed. Powerful dedicated servers feature up to 40 processor cores, giving them the ability to handle massive data amounts.


A dedicated server is given more bandwidth allowance than other hosting options. Since this type of server is mounted in a data center rack, it does not occupy a lot of space. If you are an advanced web developer looking for more performance and reliability, you should consider this hosting solution.

A summary of the specs of a good dedicated server

Core countUp to 128 cores
RAMAt least 8 GB
Memory512 GB
Networking speed100 Mbps-1 Gbps

How a dedicated server differs from other hosting options

Some website owners find choosing the suitable hosting option challenging. If you can relate, you should find out how a dedicated server differs from the other hosting option for you to pick the right one for your business needs.

One of the cheapest hosting options you might come across during research is shared hosting. In this hosting, different organizations host their business assets on a single server. If you choose this hosting option, you will receive a certain amount of bandwidth and disk space. This hosting is only ideal for small organizations that do not need extensive scalability.

Shared hosting can, however, limit you if you need more resources. It differs from dedicated hosting in that dedicated servers give organizations full access to the bandwidth and storage space that the server can provide. A large organization that requires scalability to manage traffic spikes on their websites should therefore consider working with dedicated servers.

If you want to host different websites, you should avoid choosing shared hosting but rather focus on dedicated hosting. When you are running a large business, you will need to store more data. A dedi server can offer adequate storage space.

Dedicated hosting also differs from shared hosting in that it does not offer maintenance, security, and administration. If you choose a dedi server, you should consider getting an in-house team that can help you with such tasks. Though dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it can help you grow a large organization.

Apart from shared hosting, cloud hosting is also another alternative to hosting on a dedi server. Though a dedicated server offers more disk space and bandwidth compared to a shared server, it has a limit. On the other hand, a cloud server can be more scalable since it can virtually expand and support a high amount of traffic. A cloud server works by diverting such traffic to other data centers.

Despite this, a dedicated server is still better than a cloud server since it provides more customization. Unlike a cloud server, a dedicated server can support databases and legacy applications. Such reasons make a dedicated server superior to the rest of the hosting options.


People with high-traffic websites or multiple websites should consider paying for a dedicated server. Though this may cost you more than other hosting options, it can give you more control and better security. Start comparing different dedi server hosting providers before you make a choice.


Should I buy or rent a dedi server?

This depends on your preference. When you buy a server, you have to deal with issues that arise with the server. When you rent a server, the hosting provider will handle the maintenance and management.

Is a dedicated server ideal for startups?

No. If you have just established a business and need hosting, consider other options rather than a dedi server since this may not be worth the investment when your site has low traffic.

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