Free Website Migration

We can move your website/s from existing host to BMF Host. This website migration service is completley free.

Free Website Migration Information

This is a quick overview of BMF Host web hosting migration service. Now we understand that many customers will want to migrate across to BMF Host but they may be a little bit nervous about migrating their files their website their emails databases that type of thing. But I just want to reassure you that we can do all of that for you for free. And the reason that you should consider allowing us to do it for you is that migrating websites is probably something that most people will do. We often never but maybe once or twice maximum is quite a specialized task and there’s always a possibility if you’re not used to doing it you could make a mistake maybe lose some files or lose some data. But we are experts at it and we just do this type of thing day in day out and we’re very used to managing this type of migration. And we’ve got all the sort of necessary tools the expertise you know the people to do this kind of things to make sure we can do it as painlessly and as quickly as possible. And often you just won’t even notice any downtime at all. So, in terms of the timing we can’t give an exact you know time how long it’s going to take.

Free Reseller Migration

And the what we do to try to alleviate this is we will always where possible try to perform your migrations out of ours to minimize the possibility of disruption to your service. Now normally we would ask the customer to update the name servers but we understand some people aren’t comfortable doing this type of thing. So as long as you are happy to provide us with your look in details for your domain name and you haven’t gotten any sensitive data stored there, we can log in and we can make those changes for you in terms of migrating emails databases reseller accounts that type of thing. If you’re using industry standard see panel then we can. That makes life much easier. We can definitely do that just by doing a cPanel to see panel migration. But if you do use another particular control panel just let us know in advance and our technical team can assess the migration requirements and get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, our technical team is there 24/7 by Live Chat. So just click on the live chat button if you ever have a question and somebody can check it out for you and give you an answer. Very quickly if you’re a reseller as well we can migrate.

Competitive pricing

But one thing that we did need to obviously be aware of is that at some point or another you will need to cancel your existing web hosting with your current host. But we’ll tell you when we can when to do that. To make sure that everything is transferred correctly all of the DNS changes have propagated fully. Okay. If you if you’ve got if you are transferring your hosting and maybe you want to keep your domain names where you are then that’s absolutely fine. You know we’d love to have your domain names with us because we do. We offer very competitive pricing but we do understand if you want to keep them where they are. That’s not a problem. There’s no obligation on you to migrate or transfer the domain names as well. So just to just to finish off then just to reassure you that we’ve got a lot of experience doing migrations we’re happy to do that. Our team are there 24/7 by live chats by phone by email. If you have any questions just ask and we can help to make sure that your files are migrated painlessly and as quickly as possible I hope you found that useful.

Tired of your old host?

It really does depend on the account the amount of data that’s being transferred the data speeds et cetera from your existing web host. But if we take an example of a small business let’s say someone who’s got 15 to 20 pages of content maybe 5 email addresses and their e-mails are stored on the server. And if we assume that the total amount of disk space taken up by all of the files doesn’t exceed 1 gigabyte. And also, if they’re using a cPanel server, we would estimate that the data transfer is not going to exceed 30 minutes and once the data transfers complete or we then need to do is to make sure that the named servers are updated. Now that’s all that means is that your domain name is then pointing to the peak web server that you’re hosted on. Now these changes when you make named server changes, they do take a few hours to propagate across the across the Internet. This is referred to as DNS propagation. Now in terms of downtime there during the DNS propagation there may be some unpredictable email behavior and this is because different ISP is around the Internet. Take a little while to pick up the new name servers but don’t worry all of your email will get through you just may have a few delays.

All files migration!

We can migrate your files as well. Again, ideally if you’re using Cpanel WHM which is pretty much an industry standard these days then that does make life much easier but we would also with resellers just need to verify how much data needs to be migrated how many accounts there are. And so we would just need to check that out in advance so just as I say come on to the live chat ask the team and they can check that for you obviously if you do have a lot of domain names you will need to update the name servers and that’s probably something that you should do but we’ll coordinate that with you and make sure that that that’s all done and all synchronized with our technical team performing the reseller migration. Now if you’re running any applications or content management systems like WordPress tubular or e-commerce things like Magento or press to shop again we can we can migrate those for you got a lot of experience there. No problems. The only thing we’d say with e-commerce sites and blogs if you have got a large amount of data do check with us first just so that we can assess everything before we do make the migration. Now will coordinate this with you as we said out of ours as much as possible to minimize any potential disruption.

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