3 steps to a successful website migration

The most common reason for changing different infrastructures, specifically why people and organisations want to migrate websites, is the necessary increase in resources. Existing resources are simply not enough to keep up with the fast pace of website evolution. High costs are no longer justified.

A migration may be necessary if the physical server or operating system has reached the point where it is no longer effective. In this case, the application or website can be migrated to a newer server that offers greater resources or a better return on investment. There are also situations where the customer wants more control over the server, due to poor support received or security concerns.

Planning and executing a successful migration includes a number of steps that must be followed to avoid failure, errors or downtime. Fortunately, like many other hosting companies, BMFHost offers assistance and resources during your website migration and is a trusted hosting provider.

Each step must be taken into account during a successful migration. Migrating a website is a complex process, it’s not easy, but with careful planning you can overcome the challenges. What is involved in moving a website to another host:

– moving files

– moving databases

– configuring your application to work in the new environment

– changing nameservers at the registrar


Before trying to move a single bit or byte of data, you need a solid plan. Sketch out areas where there might be difficulties. As you begin the migration, you should be aware of your responsibilities.

– To begin with, it is important to designate who is responsible for each stage of the migration to reduce the risk of something being lost or forgotten and to eliminate confusion and chaos during the migration.

Clearly detail who is in charge of creating backups, who decides what data to transfer and who will ensure the transfer of all data, who will control DNS changes, who will test the migrated data, who will configure applications and support connections on the target server?

– Then you will have to sketch the steps during the migration. This will help everyone to understand whether or not things are on track and that the tasks are being carried out by those responsible.

We also strongly recommend that you have a backup, plus an off-site backup, in case of disasters to make sure your work is protected.


– Data transfer is the first task, you’ll want to focus on the data that absolutely needs to be transferred, as even the smallest line of missing code can leave an application or website stuck. The process of copying content, applications and databases from the old server to the new one is a function of bandwidth and time.

– Be careful which operating systems and documents you need to transfer to ensure they work on your new infrastructure.

– Synchronize data between servers so that nothing is lost.


– Of course you will want to test the results once the website migration has been completed. You may need to test the website on multiple devices and browsers, test whether your application works correctly from multiple locations, check that integrations and APIs between systems work correctly, and make sure you can make new commands at any time.

– Successful testing doesn’t mean you’re sure everything will work perfectly the first time, it means creating a process by which you discover minor problems and fix them before traffic is sent to the new server.

Remember that the purpose of migration is to have a better, up-to-date and performing infrastructure for your applications and website, not to have reasons to stress. BMFHost always helps professionals, organizations, and especially clients, migrate from one server to another, carefully following the process and creating plans to account for each individual need. Surely you want a web host that has the infrastructure and expertise to help you get set up on your new server. If you’re not sure how to make the transfer, let our team of technical experts handle the whole process. They will handle everything with great care, because they understand that your website is important to you.