Managed VPS vs unmanaged VPS

If you choose an unmanaged VPS hosting service you are responsible for the maintenance of the server and you will have to treat every aspect with great care, as you are responsible for all the tasks. In the case of managed hosting, your host will take care of maintaining the server on your behalf. The choice you make will be influenced by the time you have and the budget you invest.

A VPS is like a middle ground between shared hosting and choosing a dedicated server. Being a more cost-effective solution, you will benefit from more flexibility. Although you will need a certain amount of technical know-how to manage a VPS, a hosting provider can help you with this. Finally, a VPS is an excellent option for business websites that need more resources but not enough to need a dedicated server.

At BMFHost, regardless of the hosting package chosen in the VPS order, the price displayed on the website represents the cost for the unmanaged server and the administration interface, and it is up to the customer if he wants to configure the server himself or pay additional costs for each additional service.

Why choose managed VPS?

– Server administration and maintenance tasks should not bother you, especially since managing a server requires time, effort and technical expertise.

– The server is constantly monitored by the web hosting provider and you will have time to focus on your main objectives, which is a good option if you are not familiar with server operations such as configurations

– A managed VPS has tools that can address security issues and threats, with the server constantly monitored to prevent malware attacks

– With a managed VPS you will have access to a control panel that allows you to manage your site much easier

– Technical support, in case you need help, anytime one of our technical experts will be available to answer your requests

– Your server is monitored for when you reach traffic peaks to make sure it doesn’t crash

– Involves much higher costs, but if you are a beginner in this field you will need help

Unmanaged VPS

– You need technical knowledge or a team of experts to manage your server

– The hosting provider only takes care of the maintenance of the physical server

– You will have complete control of the server to manage everything from storage space, installation software, bandwidth, memory

– You are in charge of the server and have full freedom to install and run applications, make changes

– Ideal option for experienced developers, you can customize your server configuration

– If full server management is up to you, server costs are lower by default.

As your server requirements grow, a VPS allows you to upgrade quickly and easily, with minimal downtime. In short, a VPS is reliable, scalable and easily customisable to your needs. Furthermore, if you have any questions or need more details, BMFHost’s technical support team is available to help you with all your VPS hosting questions.