How to host a private gmod server?

Garry’s Mode usually abbreviated as GMod is a sandbox game available on PC with no set objectives granting its players the freedom to manipulate objects in the game.

Creating and hosting your private GMod server places the game’s control on your hands and it’s easier than it sounds. It gives you and your friends the freedom to select and change settings based on your preferences. Following an update in 2016, you can use Steam’s peer-to-peer servers to invite your friends to your own private game. As a host, you’re responsible for the happiness of the rest of the players on the private server. What this means is that you can connect to each other’s games without the need for port forwarding.

To host a private GMod server, get a legal copy of Garry’s Mod and activate it, then start a new game, choose a map and click on ‘Multiplayer’ and invite friends.

The good thing about GMod is that each copy comes with an inbuilt server that can be activated within minutes once the setup process is complete. The server grants your admin rights for you to ensure everyone playing on your servers is having a good time without interfering with others. This method is simple, fast, free, and straightforward.

  1. Setting up GMod

The first thing to do is to ensure that your friends are downloading the add-ons only on the server. You don’t want them to download all your 234, 342 & 423 add-ons. What you need to do is to enable the addons that you’re using on the server.

  1. Start the game

Start Garry’s Mod and launch the game by navigating to the top-right corner in the game and click on the green button labeled ‘Singleplayer’ from GMod’s main menu. Set your desired number of players on the server. It’s worth noting that since you’re using your router, it’s best to limit the number of players to 4. The next step to undertake is to select the game mode and map. Navigate to the bottom-right corner and select your preferred game mode. Then select your desired map that you wish to play in and then click on ‘Start New Game’. If you wish to select new maps, you can do so by navigating to the top of the screen and clicking on the ‘Toybox’ tab then choose your desired new maps.

  1. Send out invitations

Once the game is fully loaded, you can go ahead and invite your friends to come and play on your servers. Invite them to join the game by holding both the Shift and Tab keys simultaneously. This will bring up the ‘Friends’ Window which displays the list of friends. Find a friend that you minted on inviting then hit the small arrow next to the person’s name. Right-click on the person’s name and from the dropdown menu, click on ‘Invite to Game’. Another way that your friends can join is without invitation by just clicking on the arrow and then selecting the ‘join game’ tab. Make sure that you don’t overload your network connection or your computer by allowing a few or just enough people to join your server. To kick out or ban people from your server by using the following commands on your console – Kick, and Ban.


Another method to consider is by using Hamachi. Hamachi is a virtual private network (VPN) app that allows computers to connect. You can create a makeshift server with the help of Hamachi that functions as a LAN (Local Area Network) and won’t cost you. Firstly, download Hamachi on your PC and install it. Once the installation process is done, launch Hamachi and click on ‘Power On’ then wait for a few minutes for the set-up to be complete. Next, click on ‘Network’ then ‘Create a new network’. On the popup dialogue box, enter the network’s name & password and then click on ‘OK’ to proceed.

From the main menu, load ‘Garry’s Mod’ and then select ‘Multiplayer’. Make sure to check the LAN check box and set other onscreen options to your desire. Depending on your computer, press the tilde/grave key labeled as ~ & ` and then key in ‘sv_lan 0’ and then press Enter. Now have your friends download and install Hamachi and then join your LAN network. They should go to Hamachi on their PC’s and click on ‘Network’ then select ‘Join a Network’. For the network name & password, have them type your network’s and then join.

Finally, they should open GMod and then navigate to ‘Multiplayer’ from where they ought to select ‘Join’ to proceed. Give them your LAN’s IP address that can be found under Hamachi’s power button. On the ‘Server Address box, they should type in this address and then join the game.

IssueMediumHow to Fix
How to host a private GMod serverGModStart Garry’s Mod and click on ‘singleplayer’ to start the game. Select the game mode and map and then invite your friends to join the game.
HamachiDownload & install Hamachi on your PC. Launch it and click the ‘Power On’ button and wait for the setup to be complete. After completion, click on ‘Network’ and create a new network with a name and password. Go to GMod and select ‘Multiplayer’ then ensure that the LAN box is checked. Share the network name and password, and the LAN IP address with your friends and have them download & install Hamachi. Once installed, let them click on ‘Network’ and then join your network using the name and password you shared. They should launch GMod and select ‘Multiplayer’ and use the LAN IP address to join.


How much RAM do I need to host a GMod server on my PC?

GMod is built on Source Engine that uses SRCDS a 32-bit technology. Therefore, it can’t use more than 2GB RAM on a Windows computer and 4GB on Linux. Also, on Linux, the game uses 3GB with the additional 1GB assigned to the Linux kernel.

Is Hamachi free to use?

Hamachi is absolutely to use if you have up to 5 computers connecting to your network. Anything more than that, you will have to pay.