How much does server space cost?

Servers are stored in a data center maintained by a hosting company. Since it is not cheap to build and maintain a data center, most companies rent a server and only use what they need.

Renting a server space isn’t free, but comes at a cost. Rather than storing a server in your office or at home, you can rent one. Server space is basically a space on the server provided by a hosting company like Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a certain cost per month or annually. As a customer with a website or in need of storage space, you can rent a space for these purposes and get to only pay for what you use.

Server space cost depends on the type of server, the service provider, the type of CPU, how much storage and bandwidth that you use. On average, it can cost you between $5 and $300 per month for server space.

Types of servers

Rental servers come in two main types – dedicated and cloud servers. Both servers give you root access and your preferred operating system (Windows or Linux). Besides, the servers are assigned their dedicated IP addresses and a control panel to manage them. Cloud servers are best for smaller applications that can be distributed and run across multiple servers. Also, they’re suitable for apps that may need to scale up over time in the future despite starting small. For example, an application with few or no users and then gains a lot of users along the way. These applications include email & web servers, and other types of hosting. A cloud server has a high-availability and is designed for maximum uptime. They can also be instantly deployed

Dedicated servers are designed for dedication to a single application that requires stability which translates to a huge amount of memory, CPU, and other disk resources. A use is billed monthly or can pay upfront and receive additional discounts. A dedicated server is ideal for projects like databases, large web servers, and machine learning that are resource-intensive and don’t need high-availability.

Cost of server space

Now that you have an understanding of the types of servers and how they work, you can easily understand how much on average you may have to part with. Generally, the cost of server space is dependent on the disk space, CPU, and memory needed. Cloud servers are cheaper and can be leased for as low as $5 per month. This is because they can be upgraded at any time. Dedicated servers on the other end can’t boast of such and as a result, cost more. On average, a dedicated server will cost you between $50 and $300 per month.

Type of CPUDisk space (SSD)MemoryCost per month
Intel E3 1230 V6500GB32GB$90
Intel E3 1280 V6500GB(2)32GB$109
Intel E5 2670500GB(2)32GB$140
Intel Xeon W-21251 x 240 GB & 2 x 500 GB32GB$200

Besides, the monthly fee for renting server space, there are other associated costs that vary depending on your needs. They include offsite backup, managed services like server administration & monitoring, and software licensing like Microsoft Windows Server software.

How does it work?

When you rent server space and pay a monthly fee, the company providing you with a service like AWS or Google is responsible for setting up and mating your server’s hardware. Most of them provide you with a 24/7 contact line since they understand the importance of your business being online throughout. These companies usually have data centers which are physical buildings where they store hardware like huge computers and disks. These buildings are spread around the world and run throughout. The server that contains your data is stored in these buildings which are very secure and monitored 24/7. Since these data centers are spread around the world and can be accessed online, you can access your server from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of buying a server space

Purchasing a server space rather than setting up one yourself provides you with numerous advantages. Firstly, you don’t need to buy or maintain physical hardware. All these are provided by the hosting company. Secondly, you can, later on, migrate to a new server without hardware costs. Another benefit of server space is that your server is stored in a secure data center with around-the-clock security and monitoring. Also, you receive access to the latest hardware and support assistance 24/7.

Final Thoughts

A lot of online processes rely on server space. Despite it being costly, it’s cheaper than setting up your own data center to host your server and maintaining it. When you rent server space, you focus on your app and leave the rest to the hosting company.


How much will server space cost for hosting an application?

An app requires more CPU, disk space, and memory which are the fundamental hardware specs of a server. Since an app generates data from users, the disk space will vary with an increase in active users pushing the cost up. Hosting an app can cost you on average between $70 and $320 monthly. This however depends on the app’s content and the number of active users.

What makes server space expensive?

Servers run 24/7 to keep up with the demand which makes them operate under stressful conditions. To maintain the server in a data center requires cooling, monitoring of the center for security purposes. CCTV cameras have to be installed as well as security personnel being employed. To avoid downtimes, these data centers are built around the world which is not cheap.