Why is it important to renew your domain before it expires?

Choosing a domain name is probably one of the first steps in your online experience, and it’s an important step because it’s part of how people find you online.

As you know, a domain name is a web address URL that you enter into an address bar in your browser to access a website. Each website is hosted somewhere on a server or computer that is assigned an IP, a series of numbers. No one wants to remember those random numbers just to access a website, which is why each IP address is assigned a domain name, some easy-to-remember words that will lead you to the website you want.

The domain name comes with a lot of different extensions to choose from, but choosing the name is not as simple as it sounds, as it represents your online presence. It is recommended that your domain name is intuitive and memorable. A domain is completely unique to each site just like an IP address.

You bought the domain name and it is yours (for a certain period of time). You should know that domain names are contractual and you purchase them for a fixed period. Thus, once that period runs its course, the domain expires and goes back on sale.

How can you avoid such situations?

– Reminder emails

– Automatic renewal

– If the renewal is linked to the credit card, it will only happen at the time of payment

Of course a domain from a trusted source does not expire immediately, a number of steps will be taken so that you do not accidentally lose your domain name. The last thing you want is to lose it, after all the effort you have put in.

Why do you think it is important to keep your domains active before they expire?

You can keep your existing domain

– Once the domain expires it is available to anyone. After expiry you have 30 days to redeem your domain name, during which time you have a grace period to regain your domain name. Most registrars will of course charge a fee for this service. Your domain is a key element of your branding, as such losing it will impact your social media accounts, google accounts, etc.

Search engine rankings will not be affected

– Losing your ranking is a big step backwards and it can take an extremely long time to undo the damage. Google bots check and determine whether a website is functional or simply experiencing a period of downtime. While this is happening your rankings will most likely drop, this does not mean that your website is removed from Google’s index just that your ranking in search results will drop by 30% after 6 hours of downtime.

The website will always be active

– Even the slightest downtime will hurt your business, if you consider the user experience on the site. If a potential customer wants to access your site and is greeted by a parked page, they will lose trust and leave, bringing with them lost opportunities.

Renewing your domain before it expires is an easy task, but often neglected. By renewing it on time you can avoid complications and negative impact on your website and business. An active domain tells your customers that you are stable and legitimate and therefore you can more easily convey credibility, authority and professionalism. The importance of an active domain is undeniable.

BMFHost sends reminder emails before the domain expires, to make sure you don’t end up in a situation where you lose your domain rights due to non-payment. Absolutely all owners of domains registered through BMFHost receive renewal notices before the expiration date.