How important is it to have a mobile-friendly website?

How important is it to have a mobile-friendly website?

We live in an ever-expanding society, and we see this year after year. Just as we, as individuals, have to adapt to current trends, so too do online businesses have to adapt to the demands of the market.

Studies in recent years have demonstrated this. Mobile devices play an extremely important role when it comes to internet traffic, with more than 60% of users accessing the internet from mobile devices when looking to purchase a product or get information. One thing is certain, the benefits of technology are impressing more and more individuals, and for many of them, mobile may be the first and only device from which they discover the online world.

The transition to the online world was made by investing a lot of resources, especially time and money. Undeniably, the time of an internet consumer is precious and you need to value it. Surely, you don’t want an irritated and passive visitor, from that moment on you don’t have a second chance and you have lost a potential customer. Statistically speaking, 40% of the visitors to a website leave that website if the website load time exceeds 3 seconds. Your goal should be to get visitors to the information they want in the shortest time possible.

Why do people choose to access the internet from mobile devices?

– The speed with which they can access a site, the loading speed being much higher

– The limited time they have, so they can take action online, wherever they are

– Texts are much easier to read, the content is more adapted to their needs

Traditional desktop-only websites are already a thing of the past. Nowadays, some businesses are placing more and more importance on the mobile version, and in the case of high-traffic businesses, custom applications have been created.

That said, have you thought about the benefits of a mobile friendly website?

– Faster navigation thanks to the dynamic interface

– Google takes this into account! Your position in its results list depends on the site’s ability to recognise when it is accessed from a mobile device and to adapt

– Helps to promote the image of the business, demonstrates the true potential of the business

A website tailored to the needs of the internet user and optimized to provide the best experience for visitors is a long-term investment that only pays off. Because a visitor who is happy with the content of your website, and the way you serve it to them, will not only return to your website, generating traffic and inevitably being perceived by search engines as a relevant site, but will be more likely to mention it to others.

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