How to make a WordPress website without hosting

How to make a WordPress website without hosting

How to make a WordPress website without hosting

Websites provide a good way of displaying information online. It’s a great way for your customers or followers to find you on your platform which you can post and update content on.

Building a website doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t need to be a software developer to build a great website. WordPress is a great platform that allows you to have a website without learning about software development. It also allows you to have a website without incurring the cost of hosting it since it can host it for you. We will take you through the steps of making a WordPress website without hosting it.

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress.com is a sub-domain version of WordPress and hosts your website for free but as a sub-domain. By sub-domain, it means that your website will be yourname.wordpress.com instead of yourname.com. But you still have control over your website including designing it, updating content, and managing it. I’d compare it to renting an apartment or home, you don’t own the home but have control over it while staying there. With WordPress.com, you won’t have to pay for any hosting.

WordPress.org on the other hand won’t be hosted on WordPress and it requires you to host it yourself instead. You’ll need to get a web-hosting service and the IP address will be without the wordpress.com sub-domain. With WordPress.com, you can have a running website and let WordPress take care of hosting it and managing SEO for you.

Steps to make a WordPress website without hosting

  1. Signup at WordPress

The first thing to do is to create an account on WordPress and start. Open a browser on your PC and type in wordpress.com in the address bar and hit enter. Do not go to wordpress.org. On the landing page, find and click on the ‘Get Started’ button on the top-right corner to get started. It will take you to the signup page that will require you to enter your credentials and sign up for an account. Enter your email and select a username. Finally, create a password and then click on ‘Create your account’. Instead of entering these details, you can sign up by using your Google account or Apple ID.

  1. Choose a site type

Once you’ve successfully signed up and logged in, a screen asking you to choose the kind of site that you want to build will display 4 different options for you to choose from. These options include a Blog, Business, Professional or Online Store. All the first three options are free with the fourth one requiring a purchase. Depending on what you want your website to display, choose one of the options to proceed.

A blog is great for someone that wants to share their personal experiences online, update their content frequently get to discuss ideas with others online. If you are a small business and you don’t have a budget for hosting, then the Business option is ideal for you. You can promote your goods and/or services online and reach a wider audience.

As professionals, we want to showcase our work online. Freelancers and people seeking employment especially creatives can share their portfolio and showcase what they can do. This can help a hiring manager or client to make a decision based on what they see. Blogs are the easiest and quickest to build, so we will choose Blog for today.

  1. Set up your blog

On the next screen, choose a topic depending on what your blog is about. There are several topics to choose from. You can type one in and search or select the popular list displayed and then click on the arrow icon to proceed. The next page is about your blog’s name. Enter your preferred name for the website and click the arrow icon again to proceed.

  1. Choose a domain name

A domain name is simply what people that want to visit your website will need, i.e. yourname.com.

People will go to their browsers and type in yourname.com to visit your website. Enter your preferred domain name and wait for the filter results. WordPress will search and give you a list of names with different extensions. From the list, find the one written ‘Free’ in front of it and click the ‘Select’ button also in front of it.

  1. Select a plan

On the next screen, you need to choose a payment plan. Since you want to have a website running for free, click on the ‘Free’ link just right below the page’s title and wait for WordPress to finish setting up things for you. And after a few minutes, your site should be ready for customization.

  1. Customize your site

 Your site needs work from you before it can be published for viewing by your audience online. It needs things such as a log, tagline, landing page, etc. On the screen, there are about seven steps with checklists that you may need to complete. Follow the steps by checking the checkbox on the step’s title on the right of the step and ensure that you check all of them.

  1. Publish your site

You’re now on your site’s control panel where you get to see and control everything that happens on this site. Navigate to the top-right corner on the WordPress screen and click on ‘My Site’ with a WordPress logo next to it. Your site is now ready to be shared. You will notice that the name of your site which can be found under the ‘My Site’ is greyed out before clicking on ‘My Site’ and after, it is now clickable. You will see your site’s stats including the number of visitors, Comments, Likes, and Views. To visit the site, click on the website’s name on the top-right corner just below the WordPress logo and then click on the ‘Visit Site’ button that appears on the left side of the screen at the top. You should be able to view the website as a normal viewer. If you want to edit your website further, you can go back to the control and customize it further to your desired taste.

IssueHow to
Making a WordPress website without hostingGo to wordpress.com on your PC and sign up. Follow the prompt steps to set up your website. Choose a type of site you want to create, a name and domain name for it, a free plan, and then customize your website. Finally, make sure that you complete the given checklist to be able to publish the website.


Can people access my website without a domain name?

It’s possible but not easy for someone to access your website without a domain name. This is because domain names are originally displayed as a string of numbers which computer can understand but it will be difficult for a human being to remember these numbers. It’s best to have a domain name if you want people to find your website easily.

Is WordPress a hosting site?

It depends on whether you choose the wordpress.com or wordpress.org version of WordPress. With WordPress.com, your website will be hosted on WordPress as a sub-domain.

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