How to cancel GoDaddy hosting?

How to cancel GoDaddy hosting?

GoDaddy, a web hosting, domain register, and online marketing company is one of the best in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in the market, GoDady boasts of over 20 million customers worldwide.

Hosting is now an essential service for businesses and individuals. GoDaddy being one of the best web hosting platforms in the world is the most preferred service provider in the world. However, sometimes, even the best can disappoint or you may not need their services anymore. It’s time to terminate your engagement with GoDaddy but don’t know how to go about it. In, this article, we give the best way to do so.

To cancel GoDaddy hosting, login to your GoDaddy account, go to the Renewals & Billing Page, select the hosting product that you would like to cancel and click on ‘Cancel Renewal’ and follow the prompt steps to cancel.

GoDaddy offers a several hosting services including Domain Name Hosting, DNS hosting, Email Hosting and web hosting. To cancel GoDaddy hosting, follow the steps below.

How to cancel hosting

GoDaddy services come in the form of products that can be cancelled any time. To cancel web, email, or DNS hosting service on GoDaddy, go to www.godaddy.com on your browser and log in to access your account with its products and details. Select ‘Renewals and Billing’ from under the ‘Account Settings’ tab to proceed. The next page will display a list of products that you have subscribed to and allow you to manage their billings including web hosting and email hosting services. From the list, scroll down and locate the hosting service that you want to terminate. Next, check the box next to the product’s name to highlight and select it and then navigate to the buttons at the top of the page and click on the ‘Cancel Renewal’ button. On the next page, you need to confirm that you indeed want to cancel your subscription.

There are two options for you to choose from – Cancel Renewal or Delete my Product. The difference between the two is that with cancel renewal, you stop GoDaddy from billing you but you can still use the product until the end of your subscription date after which GoDaddy will automatically delete the product and its files. With ‘Delete My Product’, you completely remove the hosting product from your list of products immediately.

Click on ‘Cancel Renewal’ and a new window appears asking you to confirm that you want to cancel. Click on ‘Cancel Renewal’ to stop auto-renewal and the ‘Billing Date’ column will show you the end of your product’s subscription which means that you can continue enjoying the service until that data lapses. If you choose ‘Delete My Product’, on the next page, select the checkbox and click ‘Send Email’ to receive a confirmation email. Now go to your email and open the sent email and click on the ‘yes, I Want to Delete’ button. This removes the hosting product together with all its files. I you wish to cancel another hosting on GoDaddy, repeat the above steps.  

Alternatives to GoDaddy

For someone looking for an alternative hosting service provider, there are a number of companies that you can consider. These companies include BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGorund, WPEngine among others. When looking for an alternative, Its best to go for a service provider that is reliable and well-priced.

IssueHow to cancel
How to cancel GoDaddy HostingGo to www.godaddy.com and log in to your account. Click on the Account Settings tab and select ‘Renewals and Billing’ from the dropdown list. Scroll and select the checkbox next to the product that you wish to cancel and click on the ‘Cancel Renewal’ button. On the next screen, click on either ‘Cancel Renewal’ or ‘Delete My Product’ to proceed.


How does auto-renew work?

Auto-renew is a feature used by GoDaddy to automatically renew your subscription for a specific product to save you the hassle of manually renewing a product after the current subscription ends. This saves you time and ensures that you have a seamless experience. Its however worth noting that if you manually renew a product for a certain period of time, for example 3 years, the product’s subscription will after 3 years auto-renew for another 3 years.

How do I reach out to GoDaddy?

GoDaddy has an online chat feature available from Monday to Friday between 5AM and 6PM (GMT – 7:00). TO chat with a GoDaddy customer care agent, go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and click on ‘Chat Now’. If the live chat feature is offline, you can reach GoDaddy by calling their support numbers on the same Contact Us page.

Conclusion GoDaddy is a good hosting platform which allows you to cancel any subscription at any time without commitments. You can still come back later and subscribe to the same service without questions or commitments.

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