NVMe SSD VPS Hosting

Choose from a variety of NVMe SSD VPS Hosting packages. They are fit for everyone. From small business to larger projects. We have state-of-the-art hardware, HP servers in Romania Data Center. Check below to find the latest NVMe SSD VPS’s.

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NVMe SSD VPS Features

For unrivaled support & state-of-the-art hardware, choose BMF Host VPS.


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NVMe SSD based VPS

NVMe SSD VPS with 5 time more bandwidth, 300x higher response time and 1000x greater Input/Output performance. No need to worry about high resolution images or too many script calls, with our NVMe VPS – your applications will run like the wind!

VPS DDoS Protection

The hosted websites will be always protected by DDoS filter with capacity greater than 1Tbps, providing you only the best DDoS protection. You won’t have to worry about any cyber attacks!

VPS root access

Our goal is to ensure perfect server functionality, which is why we guarantee a minimum contractual Uptime of 99.9% – Only you will acess your VPS and have full control over your server.

Quick introduction

A quick introduction to the BMFHost’s virtual private server or VPS offering. Now the first thing that I wanted to bring to your attention if you’re considering a VPS and we know it’s a very competitive market, is that our VPS are hosted in our high availability cloud. Now, just to give you a bit of background so that most VPS traditionally will be set up on a single physical server, a single box. And what’s what will normally happen is that server is divided down into separate components, separate virtual private servers, several sorts of logical servers for you to use. Now, that’s great and it’s a low-cost option. But the problem there is that the server itself does represent a single point of failure. Now, with our virtual private servers, they’re hosted in our own high availability cloud. Your data for your virtual private server isn’t stored on one physical machine. It’s replicated over several machines. There’s no single point of failure. All of the servers have got dual processes. They’ve got dual power supplies, dual network cards. So, there’s no single point of failure. And all of your data is backed up for you to access and you can control and get your backups whenever you need them. So that’s the first thing to bear in mind. The other thing is that we only use very, very high-quality components. We use HP servers.

A standard and entry-level virtual private service are based on SAS, 10k, SAS disks. Now, these SAS disks, they’re not like the lower cost, slower SATA disks. These are 10K, SAS disks, their enterprise-grade, and they’re made for hosting. You can be sure that you’re hosted on very, very high-quality servers, even the entry-level service. If you need that extra bit of speed, then we do offer solid-state drive, SSD, virtual private servers as well. And again, it’s worth pointing out that the drives that we use, are data center ready intel drives. These aren’t some hosts that will use a lower-cost laptop or desktop SSD, but that isn’t the case with us. We use very, very high-grade data center ready SSD and an SSD is going to give you absolutely blazing performance. It’s tens, you know, even hundreds of times faster than a traditional hard drive. There are no moving parts. It’s completely electronic components and they are extremely fast. If you’re running an e-commerce store for your customer or something like that, that would definitely be the way to go. Speed is of importance to you then an SSD VPs would be right in terms of the features. You get route access and you’re in complete control. You can install and configure whatever apps you want. If you want to run a particular version of HP, whatever it is, you are in complete control. We offer, you see cPanel as well.

So, it’s we can spin up the servers, the virtual private service very, very quickly for you. And we can install and configure cPanel for you to absolutely no problem if you need to upgrade it. So, again, that’s not a problem. We’ve got plenty of headroom for you. If you need more RAM, CPU, or disk space, it’s not a problem. It’s just a click away. And as I said previously, it’s an instant set up so we can get your VPS up and running very, very quickly. We’ve we offer a managed VPS solution as well. If you’re not so confident in terms of managing your server, then we can do all of that for you. And if you if you’ve got any questions whatsoever, our technical team is on hand 24 / 7 by live chat, phone, or email. We’re never more than a click away. And that our team, absolutely love helping customers. They love getting their teeth into, you know, technical quest question. If you do have any issues or just need a chat about something, you’re not sure about something, come on and ask them. They can help you. Okay. Well, I hope that gives you a good overview of our virtual private servers. Obviously, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so give it a go spin one up and see how you get on.

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