Best VPS for Jarvee

Best VPS for Jarvee

Jarvee is the solution to automating several social media accounts at once, the bot gives you the power to schedule posts across platforms, and also manage several accounts. The application has gained popularity among social media marketing companies, as they can swiftly automate hundreds of social media accounts daily.

So to exploit the full potential of Jarvee it must first run in your windows system so that it can perform the relevant functions. Alternatively, you could rent a virtual machine on a remote server that will emulate the Windows environment. If you don’t do any of the above then you won’t be able to fully benefit from Jarvee because the automation will only work when your computer is powered up and running Jarvee.

To run Jarvee, your computer must first be running on windows, better yet you could invest in a virtual server or a dedicated server that runs on windows. If you however use Jarvee on a windows VPS then you can be sure that it will run 24/7 even if the computer is shut down.

When it comes to hosting requirements it basically depends on the number of social media accounts that you wish to automate, and the activities that you wish to tweak on each of the accounts. A powerful computer will be needed for individuals planning to add and automate more social media accounts. For example, if you have over 10 social media accounts you will need at least 4GB of RAM.

Green Cloud

Green cloud offers both the windows VPS and the dedicated servers. The windows VPS offers up to 6 premium plans, the highest plan (the 10Gbps windows VPS) goes for $35/mo, and offers 4GB-12GB RAM, this plan allows SEO tools and the operating system is the windows server 2021 R2/2019. Now depending on your workload, this plan is subdivided into other premium options thus you can get a package that goes for $105, with an 8 core CPU, a 12GB memory, and unmetered bandwidth.

If you are on a tight budget, you can go for the budget $8/mo plan, and which offers between 1GB-8GB RAM, notable is that with this option you will not get the SEO options, but you stand to benefit from unmetered bandwidth, a pure SSD and the windows server 2019 OS. There are other plans under this category, with the highest going for $48/mo, and offers up to 8GB SSD, 4 cores, and an 8GB memory.

All the plans by Green cloud are backed by a 1Gbps port solid network, and all the plans are fully scalable with the option of upgrading the RAM/hard drives among other features, support is also available 24/7.


Contabo allows you to install the operating system that works for your business, and since you are looking for one to effectively work with Jarvee, you have the option of installing the Windows OS. Provisioning of your VPS can be done in as little as 20minutes but after completing payment using your credit card. The service provider does not charge extra fees for higher traffic, you also get DNS management through the web interface, and DDoS protection is included.

Uptime monitoring is available, account owners also get additional backup space. Contabo offers up to 4 plans, with zero setup fees and unlimited oncoming traffic. The cheapest plan goes for $6.99 and offers up to 8GB RAM, 200 GB SSD, and 4vCPUcores. Important to note is that depending on the windows server that you want you will have to pay a premium. For example, if you opt for windows server 2016 then you will have to part with $6.49, the same goes for windows servers 2012R2. Contabo’s highest package goes for $34.99/mo, to which you will get up to 60GB RAM, about 10vCPU cores, and a 1.6TB SSD.

The plan allows you to integrate the windows OS of your choice, compared to the cheaper package. The windows option for this package are quite expensive, with the Windows Server 2016 going for $47.99, while the Windows server 2019 goes for $49.99.


Hostiger offers some of the most pocket-friendly packages, and their servers operate on the Intel Xeon processor and SSD drives. The cheapest package, therefore, goes for 2.99/mo, and which comes with a 100mbps network, a 20GB SSD, a 2GB RAM, and 1 core CPU. The most expensive package goes for $19.99 and is backed with a 300mbps network, a 160GB SSD, a 16GB RAM, and up to 8 core CPU.

All the plans are provided with 1 IPV4 address and they all operate the windows OS except for the $2.99/mo plan. Since you want a VPS for Jarvee you have been provided with several windows options, so you can either settle with windows 2016, 2019, or Windows 2012 R2. The windows servers come at an extra cost but if you choose Linux then it is free.

The plans are customizable, and if your needs grow then you can simply upgrade to a higher plan that offers more RAM, CPU, and disk space. The above can be done without necessarily re-installing the OS.

Jarvee VPS

Well, it seems like Jarvee created both the problem and the solution, so if you have been scouting the markets and are not impressed with the lack of a windows OS on the cheapest plans, then Jarvee will sought you out. Jarvee has two VPS options for you, so if you are operating not more than 6 accounts, you will get free windows VPS for 1 year. This option will allow you to have your accounts run continuously without necessarily having your computer on, 24/7.

Individuals who run more than 10 accounts will definitely require a more powerful VPS you will, therefore, have to settle with the first VPS reviewed in this article, as a recommendation by Jarvee. If you get on board Jarvee you will get a free 5-day trial, just to prove to you that you don’t have to spend hours on end updating your social media applications.

Jarvee VPS cheapest plan goes for $25/mo and offers 2 cores, up to 4Gb memory, windows 2012 R2/2019 and you also get huge storage of up to 40GB SSD. The highest plan goes for $160/mo with a memory of 32GB, a 16 cores CPU, and up to 300GB SSD.

Best VPS with cPanel

Best VPS for cPanel:

cPanel is a Linux-based control panel, used by Webhosting accounts, through this feature you can create and organize web files, manage domains, publish websites and create email accounts. In essence, is that the cPanel will provide you with a graphical user interface and which comes complete with the automation tools that you can use to manage and host your website. The feature is usually used by both the website owner and the end-user.

So, the most basic features that your VPS with cPanel should offer is a guaranteed uptime, and faster speeds, you don’t want your website slowing down at any single time because it might lead to high bounce rates. Support should be through phone or live chat so that you can resolve the website-related issues and get your site running. Also, a major consideration should be put on whether you want a managed or unmanaged hosting.

Best VPS with Cpanel


Bluehost is a highly rated VPS with cPanel and allows you to create more than one cPanel and even host more websites. Bluehost will provide you with complete hosting solutions for as little as $2.75/mo, you will also be provided with fully customizable websites, and a full suite of tools that you can use to tweak the site to match your brand. The service provider offers built-in security and support is available 24/7.

Bluehost offers so many unique features that help with the management of your website, important to note is that the features will vary with regard to the product that you choose to settle with. Users are also granted root access via the cPanel, this way they can autonomously customize their service without additional software.

The service provider also allows you to restrict access to certain areas of your account, things such as billing information and server resources must not be exposed to users.


iPage’s cPanel is powered by vDeck, now the reason for going with this cPanel is that everything on your website can be managed under one interface. The vDeck cPaneloffered by iPage also allows you to customize the widgets to suit your purpose, it is also equipped with the website restoration feature, and with just one click you will be able to back up and restore your website.

iPage cPanel users are also free to install scripts on their website, this can be done through the incorporated simple script feature. Apart from installing scripts this feature also simplifies the management of your website. You can also expect to be furnished with all sorts of icons and this is among the features that make iPage’s cPanel to stand out. You will, therefore, be presented with an icon for a domain, one for account information, for the website, and email among others.

Now the only downside with iPage is that for you to access their VPS with cPanel you must first settle with one of their hosting plans or dedicated servers. The vDeck cPanel also has a steep learning curve and if you settle with the shared plans then you won’t get a cPanel.


Hostgator ranks best among the VPS’s with the latest cPanel, their performance is stellar, and with the cPanel, you will be able to create individual FTP accounts and grant access to specific folders. You can also create a database and then proceed to create a database user. After which you will add the database user to the database and then give them permission.

Another advantage of being hosted by Hostgator is that all their 12 plans come with a cPanel, even better is that they have progressive packages, that you can upgrade to as your business grows. Their prices are also pocket-friendly with the cheapest one going for $2.75/mo, this plan comes with a single website, but you won’t be getting a free dedicated IP or the SEO tools up until you scale to the business plan.

So once you get onboard your server will be backed by unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth an SSL certificate that assures you customers of security. Apps integration will be seamless and on top of it all, you do get a money-back guarantee if the services are not satisfactory.

Site Ground

Site Ground cPanel offers various customizable options, and some of the functions that you can tweak are making changes to the server, you can set up your email accounts, manage your databases, and back up your website content. You are also free to manage your security features, install your CMS, and view and manage your resources.

Site Ground offers you up to four hosting plans all that are backed by reliable email service, the sites are highly responsive and boast of top-notch security. More value is, however, found on the higher plans where you will be able to host multiple sites, you can even create a copy of your site and test to see if the changes are working before going live. Site ground also allows you to add the white label clients, you can also create many sites and host them under one account, this feature is only available on the higher plans.

A2 Hosting

All the A2 hosting plans come with a free cPanel, and under VPS you can choose to go with either the managed or unmanaged option. Managed VPS hosting relieves you of server responsibilities, the service provider will, therefore, support your hardware, network, provide general troubleshooting help, and manage updates. The unmanaged VPS hosting provides you with full administrative privileges, it is mostly adopted by professionals who are well versed with server configuration.

The incorporated cPanel in A2 Hosting allows you to configure the SSH keys, you will be able to create the Node. js app and you can also install an SSL security certificate from a third party through your cPanel. You will also be able to manage your files, databases, and domains. Most importantly is that the cPanel has a feature that allows you to install software to your account.

A2 runs up to four hosting plans, the dedicated and reseller hosting plans are highly-priced, but for the shared hosting, you can get it from as low as $2.95/mo, the VPS hosting is also relatively cheap and can go for as low as $5.00/mo.

Best VPS for Discord Bot

What is a VPS for Discort bot?

Discord bots are automated assistants who will ensure that business runs as usual on your website when you are out of reach. They are AIs that moderate content on your site, detect a new member, and welcome them and they will also ensure that your site runs smoothly by banning anyone who goes against site policies.

Discord bots also allow you to customize your site by adding music, informative content, and games. In a nutshell, is that discord bots perform a host of functions autonomously, they can work for your site 24/7 but only when you are hosted by a powerful VPS.

Discord bots also enable seamless automation of server administrative tasks, but for that to come to fruition you must be able to access the latest technologies for the SSDs, databases, and CPUs. A good VPS should also ensure up to 99.9% uptime. The article below contains a list of a few reliable VPS for discord bots.

Galaxy Gate

Galaxy Gate is an affordable VPS for Discord Bot, the cheapest plan goes for $3/mo and offers up to 1Gbps downloads and 100mpbs upload. The plan is backed by unmetered bandwidth meaning that you will just have to pay for the speeds. The Standard 1GB plan is the cheapest offered by Galaxy Gate and offers live chat support and weekly backups for easy recovery and protection of files.

The service provider runs up to 7 plans with the highest plan going for $160/mo, and comes with a huge 64GB RAM, up to 200 GB NVME Storage, and 1.5 Gbps. Support for all their premium plans is through a live chat, all the plans benefit from unmetered bandwidth and weekly backups. And while the VPS works perfectly for discord bot, you can also use it to store backups, distribute files, host websites, and stream TVs and movies.


Vultr VPS offers scalable servers, upgrading to the next level is seamless because you won’t need to move your data. And while their plans are categorized into two, the service provider does have some cheap plans with decent features for example the $10 plan does come with up to 2TB bandwidth, while the $5 plan offers a decent 1TB bandwidth.

Notable is that the higher plans come with a powerful CPU, the server is customizable and there is no limit to what you can install from the PHP that works best for you and the operating system of your choice. Even better is that you are allowed to run a game server or real-time chat services. Important to note is that even if you decide to run more websites on the server you will not be charged extra.

You will also notice that the Vultr VPS interface is pretty intuitive thus navigation is seamless thanks to the big and bold labels. Remember that just like most Vps’s for discord bot, Vultr will not set up your server, you will have to set up everything from scratch by utilizing the Linux command.


Zelon only offers you four server options, with the cheapest plan going for $10, all the plans will utilize the same CPU, but there is some significant difference in the cores, RAM, and storage. The most expensive Zelon VPS package costs $40 and has a huge storage of 80GB NVMe, it comes with up to 4 cores and an 8GB DDDR4 Ram.

The setup process takes as little as 5 minutes and you can be sure of experiencing a blazing fast network, users will also be treated to full root access and control through the virtualizor panel. All the servers are backed by renowned DDoS protection of up to 1000Gbps and a 99.99 uptime. The incorporated NVME drivers facilitate faster server loading and quick response times.

Zelon caters to both small and huge demands and will create for you a custom solution that suits your engagements.

Sparked Host

So far Sparked Host is the only VPS for Discord Bot that offers a 48 hours money-back guarantee if you don’t find their services satisfactory. The service provider strives to provide a powerful platform, for hosting the discord bot, and among the features that will be coming standard with every package is an up to date hardware, free MYSQL databases, and DDoS protection among others.

Hosting options have been neatly categorized into four distinct packages, we, therefore, have the basic bot hosting that will cost only $1.00/mo. And with which you will get up to 10GB SSD storage, a 512Mb RAM, and you will have to personally manage your server. The second plan is the Advanced Bot Hosting that offers up to 20GB of storage, 1GB RAM and costs only $2.00/mo.

You can also settle with the Advanced bot hosting that goes for $4 or the Ultimate bot hosting, which is also the most expensive plan that goes for $10/mo and comes with a huge 50GB SSD storage, 5GB RAM, and up to 150% CPU. Contact to support is via a ticket.

Nexril VPS

Boasting of the enterprise-grade hardware, the virtual private servers from Nexril VPS have conveniently strayed from the norm, and payments will, therefore, be made quarterly. The first plan goes for $49/qtr and will provide you with the IPV4+ /64 IPv6 IP addresses, and up to 1TB transfer. Thus, the major differences between the plans are the memory size, the CPU cores, storage, and transfer capacity, and of course the price. Nexrill VPS is among the discord bot server service providers that also offers the IPV4+ 64/IPV 6 for free on all its packages.

The service provider’s most expensive package goes for $48/mo, it offers up to 16TB transfer, 16GB memory, and 6 CPU cores. All the plans are backed with DDoS protection, up to I Gbps port speed, and a Raid-10- SSD Storage, Nexrill VPS also guarantees their clients up to 99.99% uptime. The brand has a reputation of using only high-performance CISCO networking equipment which ensures reliable connectivity for its clients. They also boast of a knowledgeable support team as they are all trained to perfection.

How to change VPS password using putty

You might ask yourself, how to change VPS password?

If you have just bought VPS, the service provider should offer some crucial details that you can use to log in. You should consider changing the password as soon as you get the VPS.

To change your VPS password using putty, you should first start by downloading putty and installing it on your computer. Once you do this, you can log in to your VPS server using putty. Type in your current password, then hit enter. You will then be asked to change it to a new password. Key it in twice and hit enter. The report that will appear on the screen shows that you have successfully changed your VPS password using putty. Read on!

Why you should change your VPS password

The virtual private server refers to a service offered by web hosts that splits a powerful server into small virtual machines. These machines are rented out, and each of them acts as an individual server that contains its dedicated resources and operating system. Once you buy VPS, you should consider changing the password.

This is important since it can help you boost security. As soon you receive the login details, you should change the password since your service provider knows your current password. You will obtain an email that contains the VPS details, including your current password in plain text. If anyone besides you ever gains access to this email, they will automatically know the details that can help them access your VPS. Changing your VPS password is therefore recommended to prevent such a situation. You can easily achieve this using putty.

Introduction to putty

This is an SSH client app that was initially developed for Windows. It is open-source software that is available with a source code. This software is now available on other operating systems, including Mac and Linux. The most popular operating system that many business owners use is Linux. This OS is commonly used for hosting. Putty can help you change your VPS password fast to boost security. This is a software application that can make an SSH connection to a server.

How to use putty to change the VPS password

Download Putty

For you to change your VPS password, you should first start by downloading putty. Consider the operating system you are using before downloading this open-source software. If, for instance, you are using Windows, you can download putty from the official website. If you are using macOS or Linux, you have to utilize certain commands for you to download this open-source software. Once you download putty, you should install it on your personal computer.

Log in to your VPS server using putty

After installation, you should proceed by logging in to your VPS server using putty. This is a simple process that should take you seconds. To achieve this, you should open putty then enter the IP address of your VPS server. Do not forget to enter the port and let the other fields read default. You can then click on the button labeled open. Once you do this, a security alert will show up on your screen. If it is your first time using putty, hit yes.

You should then enter root on the section written login and then hit enter. Ensure that you copy the root password, then right-click on the bar that is colored green and hit enter. Once you do this, you will have logged in to your VPS server using putty successfully.

Type the password you copied and change it to a new password

After successfully logging into your server using putty, you should type the password you copied to the clipboard then hit enter. The password will not display any characters for security reasons. Once you do this, you will be asked to create a new password. Think of a unique and secure password that you will not struggle to remember. Ensure that you don’t come up with a very simple password that is likely to be rejected.

Once you key in the new password, you should then hit enter. After doing this, you will then be asked to enter the new password one more time. Do this, then hit enter. The new password is not displayed as you type it to boost security. At this point, you should be able to see a success report on your screen. This shows that you have successfully changed your VPS password using putty.

Here is a summary of how to change your VPS password using putty

Download Putty. You can do this differently based on the operating system you are using. For Windows, go to the official website and download putty.

For other operating systems, you have to follow certain commands.

Install putty and open your VPS server through this program. Wait for the download to end, then install putty into your computer.

Once installed, open the program and enter your VPS IP address.

Enter root, then click on the green bar

Change your VPS password. Enter your current password, then change it to a new one. The new password should be entered twice before clicking hit.

Wait for the success report.


As you expand your business, you should consider buying VPS. This is an affordable hosting service that can give your business more flexibility. Once you buy VPS, you need to change the password for security reasons. You can do this easily using putty. Pay attention to the steps above for you to change the password and make your VPS server more secure.


What is Putty?

This is a program that lets you connect to a server remotely. It not only helps you access your VPS server but also change your current password.

How can I choose a good VPS hosting provider that suits my business?

Though there are different companies that offer this, not all of them are the best. You can find an ideal one by considering the resources you require, choice of Operating system, and customer support.

How to connect domain to VPS

Ever thought about how to connect domain to VPS?

If you wish to use the Virtual Private Server (VPS), you can do this by hosting a website. To achieve this, you have to register a domain name at a domain registrar company.

For a domain to work with VPS hosting, you must connect the server and domain by pointing your domain to it. You can achieve this through different options, including A record, custom nameservers or through CNAME and A records. Here is more!

Introduction to VPS

Before we discuss how you can connect a domain to VPS, you should have a basic understanding of VPS. This stands for a virtual private server. A server refers to a computer that is responsible for storing all the data that make up your site. VPS makes use of virtualization technology to split a powerful server into numerous virtual servers. Since this server is reserved for you, it prevents you from sharing CPU and RAM with any other user.

These options can help you connect a domain to VPS

Via A record

This is the most straightforward solution to connecting the domain to VPS. It involves changing the A record in the DNS zone. The A record is a form of DNS record that maps the domain name to the IPv4 address. It makes an IPv4 address that is difficult to remember easy to read. An A record is made up of different fields. For instance, it consists of the name that is appended with an @ and a TTL. The TTL represents the amount of time the record is cached. The A record also contains a target IPv4 address.

For you to point an A record to a VPS, you should first login to the DNS management section of your registrar. From here, you can easily identify your A record and then point it to the IP of the VPS. If you previously pointed the A record to another host, the propagation time may reflect the old TTL.

You should consider adding these A records.

A record 1 A record 2
Name:@ Name: www
Points to: your VPS IP Points to: your VPS IP
TTL: Default TTL: Default

If you don’t know where your domain name is currently pointing, you can utilize the DNS lookup tool to find this out. This tool can also help you confirm whether the records were correctly added once you connect a domain to VPS. You should wait for at least 24 hours for things to start working since DNS propagation often takes time. If you are not patient, you can confirm if everything is working as expected using a DNS checkup tool. Such tools can give you instant results.

If the output reveals that the A record is your VPS IP address, it shows that the connection was successful. Once you have achieved this, you should give the DNS some time to propagate fully worldwide. Consider clearing browser cache and flush DNS to speed up this process. When the DNS becomes fully active, you will notice a default page that loads when you visit the domain through a browser.

Using CNAME and A records

This is also another method that can help you connect a domain to VPS. If you choose this option, you should first get the VPS IP then go to the domain’s DNS zone. If you come across any A records which include www or @ in its name, you should delete them. Once you do this, ensure that you add the following A record.

  • Name @
  • Points to: your VPS IP
  • TTL: Default

You should also add the following CNAME record:

  • Name: www
  • Points to: your domain name
  • TTL: Default

Once you complete the process, do not forget to save the settings. When you exit from the process, you should confirm if the domain is now pointed to the VPS.

Via custom nameservers

This method is not that straightforward since you have to set up a DNS zone on a virtual server. This option can switch the location of the DNS zone to the VPS. If you wish to make any DNS-related changes in the future, you will have to make them through the created zone.

To connect a domain to VPS through this method, you must first create child nameservers for the domain. Ensure that each one points to the dedicated VPS IP address. If, for instance, you are using Hostinger, you can achieve this through the domain management panel. You can then set up the DNS zone for the domain on a virtual server. Do not forget to restart the server to confirm that it is running smoothly.

The next step involves changing nameservers of the domain to the ones you have created. You can achieve this through the domain management panel on Hostinger. Just like with the first method, DNS propagation can take some hours before it becomes fully operational. Make use of the DNS checkup tools to confirm if the created zone is fully functional.


Connecting the domain when you set up a new VPS is a common task that you should learn. For you to use a VPS and domain name, it is important that you first make some DNS changes. You can point the domain name to the virtual private server through different methods. For instance, you can do this by using an A record, CNAME and A records or through custom nameservers. Regardless of the option you choose, you have to give the connection some time for it to work.


What is an A record?

This is a form of DNS record that connects the hostname to the IPv4 address. Rather than using an IP address, you can utilize the domain name to link to the webserver of your VPS.

Why should I use VPS hosting?

This physical server is divided into different virtual units. Every virtual unit contains a special system. VPS hosting can give you more control and deliver better performance than shared hosting.

How to install mailwizz on VPS

You’ve asked us on social media, how to install Mailwizz on VPS? we got you covered in the answer below.

Most email marketers like using mailwizz due to its efficient and simple design. This is an email marketing application that has an impressive set of features.

If you want to utilize mailwizz in your email marketing campaigns, you should first learn how to install it on VPS. You need a domain and a VPS server. Start by purchasing mailwizz, then extract the file. Upload the files in the latest subfolder on the virtual server. You should then add Nginx rewrite rules by following specific commands and then follow the installation wizard’s guidelines. Once you install mailwizz on VPS, you should set up cronjobs then consider securing with free SSL. Here is more!

Introduction to Mailwizz

Most businesses and customers communicate through email. Customers send their complaints and queries to businesses through email. On the other hand, businesses and enterprises use email to market and advertise their services or products to potential clients.

When it comes to utilizing email, businesses can achieve their goals better by using email marketing software tools. One of the tools that you should consider using is Mailwizz. This is an email marketing software that is suited for both beginners and experts. It can help business owners manage emails easily. Using this tool can help you send numerous emails to clients with ease.

What you need to set up mailwizz

You can use this self-hosted application to create your email marketing system. An email marketing system is made up of two parts. The first is the SMTP service that enables you to send different emails through the web and the management application, which lets you manage and configure your email lists and marketing campaigns. You can purchase mailwizz from CodeCanyon.

Once you buy this premium software, you should get a domain and hosting. Getting a website is a straightforward process. You should visit any domain registrar company such as Godaddy, Bluehost, or Enom for you to purchase a website name. Ensure that you get a domain name that reflects your business.

When it comes to hosting, most email marketers prefer using unmanaged VPS. You can check different companies for you to shop for a VPS server. You should get a VPS that features RAM of at least 2GB. Once you get a VPS server, you can now install mailwizz on VPS.

Installing mailwizz on VPS

Upload mailwizz

To achieve this, you should first extract the file that you have just downloaded from CodeCanyon. Once you extract the zip file to a local folder, you should find two sub-folders in it. One of them is labeled update, while the other sub-folder is labeled latest. Focus on the files found inside the latest subfolder. Everything that is found in this sub-folder has to be uploaded on the virtual server you established for the domain. Most people utilize Firezilla when uploading files to the server.

Use Nginx

To install mailwizz on VPS, you can use web server software such as Nginx. This is a lightweight and fast webserver software that can help you get the most out of an unmanaged VPS. You should, however, note that mailwizz does not directly work with Nginx. You first have to make a few adjustments to the software configuration. Start by adding Nginx rewrite rules for this email marketing application. To achieve this, you have to follow specific commands. Once you do this, ensure that you close the file then restart Nginx.

Install mailwizz on the VPS server

Once you have followed the right commands, you should now be able to install mailwizz on VPS easily. Start by pointing the browser to the install directory. Once you do this, a certain page will be displayed. Installation wizard can guide you through the mailwizz installation. Ensure that you have MySQL credentials. Optimizing MySQL can have a significant impact on how your Mailwizz server behaves.

Set up cronjobs

During the installation, you should also consider creating mailwizz cronjobs. This refers to scheduled tasks that can run automatically once scheduled. If, for instance, you come up with an email campaign that runs each week automatically, you should have a task that runs in the background automatically. This task can trigger the email campaign. Such tasks are known as cron jobs. The installation wizard will display cronjobs that you need to add to the screen. You have to follow specific commands for you to set up cronjobs.

Secure with free SSL

Though this step is optional, you should consider it once you install mailwizz on VPS. Web servers use SSL certificates to encrypt any traffic between the client and server. Focusing on SSL certificates can help you add extra security for people who access your application. You can get and install SSL certificates free of charge from Let’s Encrypt.

Once you do this, mailwizz install on VPS will now be complete. You can log in to the backend of the email marketing application with the password and username that you created during the installation wizard.

A summary of the merits and demerits of using Mailwizz

Merits Demerits
It has numerous functionalities. You have to add Cronjobs so that you can utilize this tool.
It prevents you from hiring external services to handle newsletters and emails. It only supports Linux operating system.
Customer support is available through forums, support tickets, and knowledgebase. Lacks live chat support.


One of the most famous segments in digital marketing is email marketing. If you are in this industry, you should consider installing mailwizz on VPS. This is a strong tool that you can use for digital marketing. Though installing mailwizz on VPS may seem like a challenging task, it does not have to be if you pay attention to the above steps.


What is the purpose of cronjobs?

These are tasks that are needed for mailwizz to help you send emails automatically.

Why should I choose the best email marketing service?

Email marketing is a good strategy that most small businesses embrace. Choosing the best software can ensure that your emails get delivered.

How to use VPS for forex trading

VPS for Forex trading allows you to trade a wide range of currency pairs. The global market can give you the chance to trade currency pairs 24 hours and help you earn money.

Whether you have just started forex trading or have been in this business for a while now, you should consider using VPS. You can either use VPS on Windows OS or an Android device. To use VPS on a personal computer, click on start, then proceed to Windows accessories. Look for the remote desktop connection app, then enter the right IP address. Click on the show options button and enter your username. You should then press the connect icon to log in. Once you do this, you can now access the rented computer.

Introduction to VPS

This refers to a computer server that is found in a remote location. Forex traders can access this server with ease through the internet. The virtual private server can enable you to manage your forex trading accounts actively and without privacy issues. It is ideal for forex traders that work with Expert Advisors. The many benefits of VPS and its numerous features compel many forex traders to embrace this technology.

Why use VPS for forex trading


If you are into forex trading looking to manage your account more securely, you should consider using VPS. This technology ensures that every account receives a password and key. When you use VPS, you will get a unique password that only you can change. This system ensures that your password is always confidential and therefore guarantees security.

Enhances speed performance

Forex traders work with different VPS providers. You have to pick one based on your specific needs. A good VPS can boost speed performance to help you manage trade better.

It is active 24/7

When you use your computer for forex trading, it may overheat over extended periods. VPS is always active throughout the day. It remains active without subjecting your computer to the risk of overheating. This technology can ensure that data and installations run nonstop. It can therefore help you conduct transactions on the foreign exchange market without the risk of damaging your computer. It can also eliminate interruptions such as power.

A summary of the merits vs. demerits of VPS for forex trading

Merits Demerits
Improves security It comes at a cost
Active 24/7 Hardware sharing
You don’t have to worry about maintenance Limited capacity

This is how you can use VPS for forex trading

To use VPS for forex trading, you should ensure that you have Expert Advisors. You should already have a trading account and a fast internet connection. We will look at how to use VPS on Windows OS as well as Android OS.

On Windows operating system

If your personal computer is based on Windows 10 OS and you are using it for forex trading, you should learn how to use this technology. To use VPS, start by clicking on the start button on the Windows and proceed to Windows accessories. Look for an app that is labeled Remote Desktop connection under windows accessories.

If you are having trouble trying to locate this app, use the windows search feature to find it. Press the Start and S button on the keyboard at a go, then type the name of the app. Once the remote desktop connection app opens, you should key in the IP address you received upon renting a VPS.

Click on the show options button so that you can key in your user name. The available connect button can help you log in to the VPS. Ensure you enter the right password to complete the process. Once you do this, you can now access the server you rented.

On Android device

Besides using a personal computer, you can also conduct forex trading through an Android device. Forex traders can access VPS from smartphones based on the Android operating system. Since this technology has significantly evolved, using VPS with a smartphone is as simple as using it with a computer. For you to achieve this, the mobile device should have a stable and fast internet connection. If you have an old smartphone, you may experience lag as you try to access the VPS.

To start using VPS on this device, go to Google play store and locate the search bar. On this, type remote desktop and wait for the device to search. Once it is complete, you will see different options that you can use to access this computer server. Since each app comes with its strengths and weaknesses, you should compare them to choose one that can work with your trading style.

Some of the options you can pick from are chrome remote desktop, Microsoft remote desktop, or remote desktop manager. Once you choose an ideal option, you can install and then open the app. Accept the terms of the agreement so that you can proceed to the app’s main menu. The menu allows you to add the computer’s address you would like remote access to. To achieve this, you have to click on the plus sign on the right side then click on desktop.

Once you do this, you can now key in your VPS IP address then save. This will then show a certain display. Proceed by clicking on the screen icon so that you can enter your password and username.


If you are a forex trader using Expert Advisors, you should consider using VPS. This is a great innovation that can help you manage your accounts better. For you to use VPS, you should first consider the kind of operating system you have. Whether you prefer utilizing a smartphone or a personal computer to conduct forex trading, you can start using VPS easily by following the steps we have highlighted above.


Is it possible for a forex trader to use VPS without the internet?

No. You require internet for you to buy a VPS, use it and install Expert Advisors.

Can I have different accounts on one VPS server?

Yes. A good VPS should be able to handle no only a single but also multiple accounts.