Best Dedicated Server For Video Streaming

Streaming video on a dedicated server minimizes latency offers enhanced graphics and accurately isolates sounds leading to a better viewing experience. Video streaming is not just about uploading videos and audio, the feature also embodies recording and broadcasting audio feeds and videos in real-time. Video streaming was initially popular among gaming enthusiasts especially after the introduction of multiplayer video games.

However, some videos experience problems streaming because they are complex and require a lot of bandwidth to stream smoothly. And that is the reason why we now have a dedicated server for video streaming, the servers offer you a better chance of experiencing good video quality because they have been configured with the capability to handle the problems that you are bound to experience when streaming a live video.

Currently, a large majority of businesses have resorted to video streaming and would engage the Q & A sessions, while others provide tutorials that detail on how to use a product. For gamers, video streaming using a dedicated server minimizes latency and the images tend to have high visual fidelity, the sounds are also clearly distinguished and you, therefore, stand a chance of winning in a competitive game. Below is a review of the best-dedicated servers for video streaming.

Dedicated Server For Video Streaming

Data Packet

One of the fundamentals of video streaming is high bandwidth, Data Packet provides you with immense bandwidth capacity. The service providers use multiple transit providers in every location to ensure sufficient capacity. Data Packet also seeks to obliterate the hardships experienced during peak times to which end it has partnered with premium ISPS to ensure direct access to the hard-to-reach networks.

Even better is that Data Packet’s data centers have been strategically distributed to enable reliable and direct connection to the local internet service providers. Both entrepreneurs and gaming enthusiasts will be provided with the DDoS protection solution that mitigates all kinds of attacks. Data Packet also provides its users with the latest hardware, which can be used to store, transcode and stream video content.

And to effectively cater to your video streaming traffic, the service provider’s bundle pricing model allows you to share a bandwidth pool with all your servers in all locations.

Phoenix Nap

Phoenix Nap provides you with a workload-optimized platform that effectively eliminates bandwidth overloads and ensures consistent video streaming. The advantage of being hosted by Phoenix Nap is that you are allowed to scale the Intel processors, storage, bandwidth, and Ram resources but by using the workload-optimized hardware.

Phoenix Nap also offers you up to four types of dedicated servers each that has been curated to cater to a specific category of users. There is a plan for the light workloads that starts with $123/mo, the medium workloads package begins with $204/mo, and there is also the heavy workloads plan that is relatively expensive going for $647/mo. Lastly, they have a package for individuals with dynamic workloads that goes for $0.24.

And the feature that enables the best video streaming, is the built-in graphics acceleration known to allow seamless processing of heavy workloads. PhoenixNap also allows you to negotiate bandwidth packages consequently enabling cost-effective scaling of your bandwidth. The service provider also boasts of a vertical CPU scaling capability, a feature that boosts the capabilities of an individual server to effectively handle the increasing load.


EqServes allows you to virtually test the speeds of the network by downloading a speed test file on their website. The Dedicated server provider ensures users of a 99.9% uptime and gives you up to 10 unique dedicated server plans. Their most expensive plan goes for $209 and comes in two options, you have the unmetered with 1Gbps port, and the other that offers 100 TB with a 10Gbps port.

The cheapest package goes for $125, offers a bandwidth of 100TB with 1TB, and among the service provider, best feature is that it offers world-class 24/7 support service, and runs a low latency network specially built for streaming. EqServers supports up to five payment options including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


ServerMania offers features designed to empower heavy streaming projects, and you will, therefore, be furnished with up to 20Gbps network speeds, account owners also stand to benefit from personalized 24/7 support. And the dedicated KVM enables instant reboot, and custom OS install. Other reliable features are such as the custom hardware configurations and the provided unmetered bandwidth.

ServerMania runs a host of dedicated servers all of which are customizable and retail at different prices. The major differences between the plans are the storage capacity, cores, and RAM each that has been configured to cater to different categories of users. All the plans enjoy a 50GB cloud backup with significant differences in CPU capacity.

ServerMania dedicated servers boast of modern infrastructure that enables them to cater to big data analytics and back-office applications among other applications that can only be operated with high-performance hardware. Their clients are also at liberty to choose an operating system that suits their purposes and can, therefore, choose from the free Linux options to the windows server.

Virtual Systems (Vsys)

Three things that you can be sure to get from Virtual systems are protection from shutdowns, your website will always remain live and your identity will be kept private. Vsys also offers managed services to attend to other important engagements, and you can either opt for default server monitoring or settle with the full server administration.

Virtual systems accommodates all kinds of streaming software, and their dedicated servers have also been configured to support different types of streaming software. Once you are hosted by a Virtual system your account, will benefit from DDoS protection with the option of switching to the enterprise-grade, you also get the inline DDoS filter designed to filter out any malicious traffic, but at an additional cost of about $50/mo.

Virtual systems offers 3 streaming server hosting plans, the first one is the Pro stream that goes for $299, has a decent RAM of 16GB, and utilizes the E5-2620V3 (6×2.4GHZ) CPU. We then have the Premium stream plan, which goes for $349/mo, comes with a 48GB RAM, and utilizes a higher capacity CPU (E5-2670V3 (12×2.3GHZ) and lastly for individuals running demanding projects you have been provided with the Incredible stream plan that goes for $1249, has a huge RAM of 128GB and a (DUAL E5-2670V3 (24×2.3GHZ) CPU.

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