Best Dedicated Server for Plex

Plex is a dynamic platform that has two distinct parts the client and server. Plex’s dynamism is apparent in its working model where the Plex server is the device that you will use to run your media, and the second part “the client,” is the device that streams the media.

So, in a nutshell, is that Plex consolidates all your important media and which includes personal media that on a personal server, allows you to stream music, enables access to free and on-demand music, live TV, podcasts, and web shows. All of the above are consolidated in one application and can be accessed from anywhere.

So some of the dedicated server hosting features that you will be looking out for are storage space which must enable you to handle huge amounts of data including bandwidth-intensive applications such as videos and music. Plex also offers business visibility allowing you to track and analyze all the aspects of your enterprise.

Most Plex servers are reliant on CPU capacity and the best-recommended server is the Intel Core i3 or more. Dedicated server providers are usually flexible and willing to accommodate their client’s needs to the extent of creating tailor-made features for specific accounts. And while there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the best-dedicated server for Plex, we believe that the dedicated servers consolidated below will give you a reliable start.

Best Dedicated Server for Plex


OVH offers two dedicated servers, you can therefore settle with the Sys1 that goes for $95.13/mo, you will not be charged the setup fees, but enjoy up to 500mbps bandwidth. And which means that you will be exposed to free incoming and outgoing traffic, a huge 32GB memory, and the Intel Xeon 3,0Ghz.

The package also offers a floating IP that enhances flexibility, this feature allows failover thus enables effortless switching between services. It enables IP blocks thus allows you to configure several IPs addressed to your services. There is also the possibility of assigning more geolocated IPS, which will help expand your global audience.

Floating IPS allows you to retain multiple web pages especially for individuals who support multiple languages, floating IPS will, therefore, ensure that you keep multiple websites on the server but with minimal downtime or crashes. There is also the Sys 2 dedicated servers from OVH that goes for $122.01/mo, it also comes with the DDR3 ECC 1333 MHz and the Intel Xeon 2 GHz.

There are no set up fees for the Sys 2 dedicated servers, notable is that most of the features between the two packages are similar except for the processor capacity and storage, features that explain the price difference.


Scaleway allows you to choose from 4 ranges of dedicated servers, thus you can choose one that resonates with your current level or begin with the Start Range that goes for €8.99, this package will provide you with the ECC memory, an Intel CPU, and unlimited traffic among others. This package also allows you to deploy your Linux environment, create virtual machines or even share media content with the installation of either plex or own cloud. Users can also customize their favorite games servers and connect with players around the world and enjoy lag-free games.

You can also invest in the Pro range that offers a perfect balance between processing memory and storage, for this option you get the web infrastructure (Nginx, Apache, LB) that allows you to build a professional-grade infrastructure perfect for high traffic volumes, the package also allows you to use the RPN to come up with private networks, you can also add a load balancer necessary for distributing traffic, or better yet a storage server that will host large data volumes and which include videos, files, and images.

Users are also allowed to deploy their virtualization infrastructure and assign failover IP addresses to their virtual machines, they can also interconnect servers with up to 10Gbps but through a private network. Scaleway offers more advanced plans with unique and advanced features that you will have to pay extra to use, for example, the Core plan offers the Intel Gold 5120 et 6140. While the Store plan offers high storage, CPU, and memory complete with large SSD/SATA volumes.

Bytesized Hosting

Bytesized Hosting is among the outstanding dedicated server service provider that is crypto-friendly, meaning that payment for the services can be done with Bitcoin, Litecoin among others that use coingate. There terms are pretty flexible and you can renew on a monthly basis, you will also get a free open VPN connection that allows you to secure your connection whether you are on holiday or at home. The service provider offers over 40 different applications and has a knowledgeable support team that can handle the toughest of problems.

Bytesized offers three dedicated server hosting plans, with significant differences in HDD storage, what’s more, is that the dedicated appbox servers support 4 simultaneously 1080p transcodes. And boast of a dedicated 1Gbit connection and a dedicated IP. Bytesized also offers bonus features such as the multi-user features that allow you to give out Bytesized Appboxes to friends and family.

Kimsufi Hosting

Kimsufi is the most affordable dedicated server for Plex among the already discussed, the cheapest plan from the service provider goes for €3.99ex. VAT, while the most expensive plan goes for €24.99. Once you sign up for one of their plans, you will be provided with a simple administration interface, and get up to 60 pre-configured distributions.

Your website will be protected against protocol attacks using the anti-DDoS tool designed to mitigate protocol attacks by simply blocking bad traffic even before it reaches your website. Other interesting features are the presence of a GIT technician on-site 24/7 who will work on your server when you no longer get the ping responses.

Most importantly is that all the fiber optic connections are redundant and in special cases, they are designed for triple redundancy a move that guarantees account owners up to 99.9% of service level agreement. Accessing the custom reverse DNS has also been simplified and you can easily find it in the control panel. Remember that Kimsufi is powered by the OVH cloud and the OVHCloud data centers are powered by two distinct electrical power supplies that work autonomously for 48 hours thus allows for any possible network failure to be restored.

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