Why You May Need Dedicated Server for Your Business

You might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of server options available for your business. However, it is crucial that you determine which type is right for you. To narrow down your list, you can start by choosing between a shared server or a dedicated server.

dedicated serverA dedicated server is a type of hosting where you get to rent an entire server for yourself. Meaning, you don’t have to share resources with anybody else. This gives you complete control over the server in terms of its data storage, bandwidth, operating system, and hardware. The opposite is true with shared hosting. Both have their own merits, but there are some instances when you should consider using a dedicated server over a shared one.

With that, read on to find out what are the benefits of having your own server and why you would need one.

  1. Tighter security

Going online can leave you vulnerable to various threats and risks. This is especially true if you are dealing with sensitive data such as your customers’ identity, credit card numbers, emails, and address. Hence, one of the top reasons why organizations choose dedicated servers over shared ones is security.

According to IBM Security, 19% of data breaches happen in compromised shared servers. If a cyberattack happens to anyone within your shared server, it can affect you as well. This won’t be a problem with a dedicated server since it is wholly your own. It also gives you complete control over security perimeters and transparency with security updates done on your website.

  1. Enhanced performance

Performance is also a huge factor for those who plan to go for a dedicated server. Having your own server means there is nobody to share your resources with. Such exclusivity results in faster applications and better performance compared to shared servers or cloud-based ones.

So when you think that your website is unable to cope with your current traffic, then it is high time you move to a dedicated server. It ensures that your website remains stable despite the boost in traffic. Likewise, it can shorten your website’s loading time so that visitors can freely explore your brand to their heart’s content.

  1. Better flexibility

Dedicated servers are also perfect for those who plan to scale in the future. It gives you the freedom to customize your server as needed. Unlike shared hosting, it won’t limit you in terms of applications, CPU, RAM, and software. Hence, you can create a server environment that leaves enough room for your business to grow in.

And with such versatility, there are various dedicated server uses to benefit from. Aside from web hosting, you can also use it as VPN (Virtual Private Network), data storage, email servers, and CVS (custom virtual setups). You can even use it to set up your ecommerce or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

  1. Little to no limits

Sharing a server has storage limits since you won’t be the only one accessing its resources. It puts a cap on your bandwidth, website traffic, RAM usage, and more. This can prevent you from adding more pages or media files into your website. Likewise, it can affect your webpages’ loading time and its images’ resolution.

Meanwhile, a dedicated server gives you full access to all the resources within the server. You don’t have to worry about other websites piggybacking on your server’s CPU, bandwidth, or RAM. This makes sure that your website remains stable and optimized at all times.

  1. Lower costs

You might think that dedicated servers are ideal for bigger companies, but businesses of all sizes can benefit from it. So what does a server do for a small business?

For one, it is a low-cost way to access and maintain a full server. This is because your dedicated hosting provider handles the cost of building and managing the server equipment. This includes your router, storage, and firewalls. It also virtualizes some of the functions of your devices so that you can do away with manual management. This way, you don’t have to hire in-house experts to monitor your system for you.

Nonetheless, it is still up to you if you want to have your own experts in overseeing your applications and servers. You can check out information systems jobs salary to help you decide.

Choosing dedicated server

You might be wondering why is a server important? A good server doesn’t just increase your data storage. It can also improve data management and processing within your organization. This way, both customers and employees can easily access information and services that you are willing to give.

Choosing between a dedicated server and a shared one can be tricky. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, there will come a time when you should start considering moving to a dedicated server. This is especially true for rapidly growing businesses. To find out more about the different types of servers, you can check out BMF Host.

What does a dedicated server mean?

What does a dedicated server mean?

This is a form of web hosting that can give you exclusive use of a server. The remote server is often dedicated to a single organization or individual. It is owned and managed by a backend provider. A user can connect this server remotely over the internet to perform different activities.

Every organization has to store some data. It can be user credentials, analytics, or even personally identifiable information. As you go through different hosting options, you may come across this different types of hosting like cloud, VPS, and dedicated servers. Read on to learn everything regarding dedicated servers.

How a dedicated server works

This type of server is also known as a bare-metal server. It is computer hardware that can help you host different websites, applications, and data. The enterprise-grade physical server is designed to host websites that receive a lot of traffic.

A dedicated server is different from other infrastructure hosting options since the environment only hosts a single tenant. This differs from other hosting options that divide the server between different users. The problem with multi-tenant environments is that they don’t offer the same performance and full resources as a dedicated server. This server is more powerful than the rest since it offers more flexibility and power.

This server is like a desktop machine. It contains storage, memory, network hardware, and processors. Many people choose dedicated servers since they feature enterprise-grade hardware that is less prone to failure.

The features of a dedicated server


Enterprise-grade servers utilize ECC RAM. The Error-correcting code RAM is known to be more reliable than the RAM that is found in a regular PC or laptop. This type of RAM that is used in a dedicated server contains special hardware which prevents problems caused by data corruption. Corruption can occur due to reasons such as cosmic rays and electric interference. ECC RAM makes a dedicated server more reliable since it can detect and correct errors.

Since a dedicated server is built using high-quality components, it can run for years without any issues. Apart from the RAM, this server can also accommodate greater memory compared to a regular machine. You may find a dedicated server that features a memory of 512 GB.


Dedicated servers also come with very powerful processors. The processors found in dedicated servers are engineered for scalability and optimal speed. Powerful dedicated servers feature up to 40 processor cores, giving them the ability to handle massive data amounts.


A dedicated server is given more bandwidth allowance than other hosting options. Since this type of server is mounted in a data center rack, it does not occupy a lot of space. If you are an advanced web developer looking for more performance and reliability, you should consider this hosting solution.

A summary of the specs of a good dedicated server

Core count Up to 128 cores
RAM At least 8 GB
Memory 512 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Networking speed 100 Mbps-1 Gbps

How a dedicated server differs from other hosting options

Some website owners find choosing the suitable hosting option challenging. If you can relate, you should find out how a dedicated server differs from the other hosting option for you to pick the right one for your business needs.

One of the cheapest hosting options you might come across during research is shared hosting. In this hosting, different organizations host their business assets on a single server. If you choose this hosting option, you will receive a certain amount of bandwidth and disk space. This hosting is only ideal for small organizations that do not need extensive scalability.

Shared hosting can, however, limit you if you need more resources. It differs from dedicated hosting in that dedicated servers give organizations full access to the bandwidth and storage space that the server can provide. A large organization that requires scalability to manage traffic spikes on their websites should therefore consider working with dedicated servers.

If you want to host different websites, you should avoid choosing shared hosting but rather focus on dedicated hosting. When you are running a large business, you will need to store more data. A dedi server can offer adequate storage space.

Dedicated hosting also differs from shared hosting in that it does not offer maintenance, security, and administration. If you choose a dedi server, you should consider getting an in-house team that can help you with such tasks. Though dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it can help you grow a large organization.

Apart from shared hosting, cloud hosting is also another alternative to hosting on a dedi server. Though a dedicated server offers more disk space and bandwidth compared to a shared server, it has a limit. On the other hand, a cloud server can be more scalable since it can virtually expand and support a high amount of traffic. A cloud server works by diverting such traffic to other data centers.

Despite this, a dedicated server is still better than a cloud server since it provides more customization. Unlike a cloud server, a dedicated server can support databases and legacy applications. Such reasons make a dedicated server superior to the rest of the hosting options.


People with high-traffic websites or multiple websites should consider paying for a dedicated server. Though this may cost you more than other hosting options, it can give you more control and better security. Start comparing different dedi server hosting providers before you make a choice.


Should I buy or rent a dedi server?

This depends on your preference. When you buy a server, you have to deal with issues that arise with the server. When you rent a server, the hosting provider will handle the maintenance and management.

Is a dedicated server ideal for startups?

No. If you have just established a business and need hosting, consider other options rather than a dedi server since this may not be worth the investment when your site has low traffic.

Best VPS for Jarvee

Best VPS for Jarvee

Jarvee is the solution to automating several social media accounts at once, the bot gives you the power to schedule posts across platforms, and also manage several accounts. The application has gained popularity among social media marketing companies, as they can swiftly automate hundreds of social media accounts daily.

So to exploit the full potential of Jarvee it must first run in your windows system so that it can perform the relevant functions. Alternatively, you could rent a virtual machine on a remote server that will emulate the Windows environment. If you don’t do any of the above then you won’t be able to fully benefit from Jarvee because the automation will only work when your computer is powered up and running Jarvee.

To run Jarvee, your computer must first be running on windows, better yet you could invest in a virtual server or a dedicated server that runs on windows. If you however use Jarvee on a windows VPS then you can be sure that it will run 24/7 even if the computer is shut down.

When it comes to hosting requirements it basically depends on the number of social media accounts that you wish to automate, and the activities that you wish to tweak on each of the accounts. A powerful computer will be needed for individuals planning to add and automate more social media accounts. For example, if you have over 10 social media accounts you will need at least 4GB of RAM.

Green Cloud

Green cloud offers both the windows VPS and the dedicated servers. The windows VPS offers up to 6 premium plans, the highest plan (the 10Gbps windows VPS) goes for $35/mo, and offers 4GB-12GB RAM, this plan allows SEO tools and the operating system is the windows server 2021 R2/2019. Now depending on your workload, this plan is subdivided into other premium options thus you can get a package that goes for $105, with an 8 core CPU, a 12GB memory, and unmetered bandwidth.

If you are on a tight budget, you can go for the budget $8/mo plan, and which offers between 1GB-8GB RAM, notable is that with this option you will not get the SEO options, but you stand to benefit from unmetered bandwidth, a pure SSD and the windows server 2019 OS. There are other plans under this category, with the highest going for $48/mo, and offers up to 8GB SSD, 4 cores, and an 8GB memory.

All the plans by Green cloud are backed by a 1Gbps port solid network, and all the plans are fully scalable with the option of upgrading the RAM/hard drives among other features, support is also available 24/7.


Contabo allows you to install the operating system that works for your business, and since you are looking for one to effectively work with Jarvee, you have the option of installing the Windows OS. Provisioning of your VPS can be done in as little as 20minutes but after completing payment using your credit card. The service provider does not charge extra fees for higher traffic, you also get DNS management through the web interface, and DDoS protection is included.

Uptime monitoring is available, account owners also get additional backup space. Contabo offers up to 4 plans, with zero setup fees and unlimited oncoming traffic. The cheapest plan goes for $6.99 and offers up to 8GB RAM, 200 GB SSD, and 4vCPUcores. Important to note is that depending on the windows server that you want you will have to pay a premium. For example, if you opt for windows server 2016 then you will have to part with $6.49, the same goes for windows servers 2012R2. Contabo’s highest package goes for $34.99/mo, to which you will get up to 60GB RAM, about 10vCPU cores, and a 1.6TB SSD.

The plan allows you to integrate the windows OS of your choice, compared to the cheaper package. The windows option for this package are quite expensive, with the Windows Server 2016 going for $47.99, while the Windows server 2019 goes for $49.99.


Hostiger offers some of the most pocket-friendly packages, and their servers operate on the Intel Xeon processor and SSD drives. The cheapest package, therefore, goes for 2.99/mo, and which comes with a 100mbps network, a 20GB SSD, a 2GB RAM, and 1 core CPU. The most expensive package goes for $19.99 and is backed with a 300mbps network, a 160GB SSD, a 16GB RAM, and up to 8 core CPU.

All the plans are provided with 1 IPV4 address and they all operate the windows OS except for the $2.99/mo plan. Since you want a VPS for Jarvee you have been provided with several windows options, so you can either settle with windows 2016, 2019, or Windows 2012 R2. The windows servers come at an extra cost but if you choose Linux then it is free.

The plans are customizable, and if your needs grow then you can simply upgrade to a higher plan that offers more RAM, CPU, and disk space. The above can be done without necessarily re-installing the OS.

Jarvee VPS

Well, it seems like Jarvee created both the problem and the solution, so if you have been scouting the markets and are not impressed with the lack of a windows OS on the cheapest plans, then Jarvee will sought you out. Jarvee has two VPS options for you, so if you are operating not more than 6 accounts, you will get free windows VPS for 1 year. This option will allow you to have your accounts run continuously without necessarily having your computer on, 24/7.

Individuals who run more than 10 accounts will definitely require a more powerful VPS you will, therefore, have to settle with the first VPS reviewed in this article, as a recommendation by Jarvee. If you get on board Jarvee you will get a free 5-day trial, just to prove to you that you don’t have to spend hours on end updating your social media applications.

Jarvee VPS cheapest plan goes for $25/mo and offers 2 cores, up to 4Gb memory, windows 2012 R2/2019 and you also get huge storage of up to 40GB SSD. The highest plan goes for $160/mo with a memory of 32GB, a 16 cores CPU, and up to 300GB SSD.

Best VPS with cPanel

Best VPS for cPanel:

cPanel is a Linux-based control panel, used by Webhosting accounts, through this feature you can create and organize web files, manage domains, publish websites and create email accounts. In essence, is that the cPanel will provide you with a graphical user interface and which comes complete with the automation tools that you can use to manage and host your website. The feature is usually used by both the website owner and the end-user.

So, the most basic features that your VPS with cPanel should offer is a guaranteed uptime, and faster speeds, you don’t want your website slowing down at any single time because it might lead to high bounce rates. Support should be through phone or live chat so that you can resolve the website-related issues and get your site running. Also, a major consideration should be put on whether you want a managed or unmanaged hosting.

Best VPS with Cpanel


Bluehost is a highly rated VPS with cPanel and allows you to create more than one cPanel and even host more websites. Bluehost will provide you with complete hosting solutions for as little as $2.75/mo, you will also be provided with fully customizable websites, and a full suite of tools that you can use to tweak the site to match your brand. The service provider offers built-in security and support is available 24/7.

Bluehost offers so many unique features that help with the management of your website, important to note is that the features will vary with regard to the product that you choose to settle with. Users are also granted root access via the cPanel, this way they can autonomously customize their service without additional software.

The service provider also allows you to restrict access to certain areas of your account, things such as billing information and server resources must not be exposed to users.


iPage’s cPanel is powered by vDeck, now the reason for going with this cPanel is that everything on your website can be managed under one interface. The vDeck cPaneloffered by iPage also allows you to customize the widgets to suit your purpose, it is also equipped with the website restoration feature, and with just one click you will be able to back up and restore your website.

iPage cPanel users are also free to install scripts on their website, this can be done through the incorporated simple script feature. Apart from installing scripts this feature also simplifies the management of your website. You can also expect to be furnished with all sorts of icons and this is among the features that make iPage’s cPanel to stand out. You will, therefore, be presented with an icon for a domain, one for account information, for the website, and email among others.

Now the only downside with iPage is that for you to access their VPS with cPanel you must first settle with one of their hosting plans or dedicated servers. The vDeck cPanel also has a steep learning curve and if you settle with the shared plans then you won’t get a cPanel.


Hostgator ranks best among the VPS’s with the latest cPanel, their performance is stellar, and with the cPanel, you will be able to create individual FTP accounts and grant access to specific folders. You can also create a database and then proceed to create a database user. After which you will add the database user to the database and then give them permission.

Another advantage of being hosted by Hostgator is that all their 12 plans come with a cPanel, even better is that they have progressive packages, that you can upgrade to as your business grows. Their prices are also pocket-friendly with the cheapest one going for $2.75/mo, this plan comes with a single website, but you won’t be getting a free dedicated IP or the SEO tools up until you scale to the business plan.

So once you get onboard your server will be backed by unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth an SSL certificate that assures you customers of security. Apps integration will be seamless and on top of it all, you do get a money-back guarantee if the services are not satisfactory.

Site Ground

Site Ground cPanel offers various customizable options, and some of the functions that you can tweak are making changes to the server, you can set up your email accounts, manage your databases, and back up your website content. You are also free to manage your security features, install your CMS, and view and manage your resources.

Site Ground offers you up to four hosting plans all that are backed by reliable email service, the sites are highly responsive and boast of top-notch security. More value is, however, found on the higher plans where you will be able to host multiple sites, you can even create a copy of your site and test to see if the changes are working before going live. Site ground also allows you to add the white label clients, you can also create many sites and host them under one account, this feature is only available on the higher plans.

A2 Hosting

All the A2 hosting plans come with a free cPanel, and under VPS you can choose to go with either the managed or unmanaged option. Managed VPS hosting relieves you of server responsibilities, the service provider will, therefore, support your hardware, network, provide general troubleshooting help, and manage updates. The unmanaged VPS hosting provides you with full administrative privileges, it is mostly adopted by professionals who are well versed with server configuration.

The incorporated cPanel in A2 Hosting allows you to configure the SSH keys, you will be able to create the Node. js app and you can also install an SSL security certificate from a third party through your cPanel. You will also be able to manage your files, databases, and domains. Most importantly is that the cPanel has a feature that allows you to install software to your account.

A2 runs up to four hosting plans, the dedicated and reseller hosting plans are highly-priced, but for the shared hosting, you can get it from as low as $2.95/mo, the VPS hosting is also relatively cheap and can go for as low as $5.00/mo.

Best Dedicated Server for Video Streaming

Streaming video on a dedicated server minimizes latency offers enhanced graphics and accurately isolates sounds leading to a better viewing experience. Video streaming is not just about uploading videos and audio, the feature also embodies recording and broadcasting audio feeds and videos in real-time. Video streaming was initially popular among gaming enthusiasts especially after the introduction of multiplayer video games.

However, some videos experience problems streaming because they are complex and require a lot of bandwidth to stream smoothly. And that is the reason why we now have a dedicated server for video streaming, the servers offer you a better chance of experiencing good video quality because they have been configured with the capability to handle the problems that you are bound to experience when streaming a live video.

Currently, a large majority of businesses have resorted to video streaming and would engage the Q & A sessions, while others provide tutorials that detail on how to use a product. For gamers, video streaming using a dedicated server minimizes latency and the images tend to have high visual fidelity, the sounds are also clearly distinguished and you, therefore, stand a chance of winning in a competitive game. Below is a review of the best-dedicated servers for video streaming.

Data Packet

One of the fundamentals of video streaming is high bandwidth, Data Packet provides you with immense bandwidth capacity. The service providers use multiple transit providers in every location to ensure sufficient capacity. Data Packet also seeks to obliterate the hardships experienced during peak times to which end it has partnered with premium ISPS to ensure direct access to the hard-to-reach networks.

Even better is that Data Packet’s data centers have been strategically distributed to enable reliable and direct connection to the local internet service providers. Both entrepreneurs and gaming enthusiasts will be provided with the DDoS protection solution that mitigates all kinds of attacks. Data Packet also provides its users with the latest hardware, which can be used to store, transcode and stream video content.

And to effectively cater to your video streaming traffic, the service provider’s bundle pricing model allows you to share a bandwidth pool with all your servers in all locations.

Phoenix Nap

Phoenix Nap provides you with a workload-optimized platform that effectively eliminates bandwidth overloads and ensures consistent video streaming. The advantage of being hosted by Phoenix Nap is that you are allowed to scale the Intel processors, storage, bandwidth, and Ram resources but by using the workload-optimized hardware.

Phoenix Nap also offers you up to four types of dedicated servers each that has been curated to cater to a specific category of users. There is a plan for the light workloads that starts with $123/mo, the medium workloads package begins with $204/mo, and there is also the heavy workloads plan that is relatively expensive going for $647/mo. Lastly, they have a package for individuals with dynamic workloads that goes for $0.24.

And the feature that enables the best video streaming, is the built-in graphics acceleration known to allow seamless processing of heavy workloads. PhoenixNap also allows you to negotiate bandwidth packages consequently enabling cost-effective scaling of your bandwidth. The service provider also boasts of a vertical CPU scaling capability, a feature that boosts the capabilities of an individual server to effectively handle the increasing load.


EqServes allows you to virtually test the speeds of the network by downloading a speed test file on their website. The Dedicated server provider ensures users of a 99.9% uptime and gives you up to 10 unique dedicated server plans. Their most expensive plan goes for $209 and comes in two options, you have the unmetered with 1Gbps port, and the other that offers 100TB with a 10Gbps port.

The cheapest package goes for $125, offers a bandwidth of 100TB with 1TB, and among the service provider, best feature is that it offers world-class 24/7 support service, and runs a low latency network specially built for streaming. EqServers supports up to five payment options including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


ServerMania offers features designed to empower heavy streaming projects, and you will, therefore, be furnished with up to 20Gbps network speeds, account owners also stand to benefit from personalized 24/7 support. And the dedicated KVM enables instant reboot, and custom OS install. Other reliable features are such as the custom hardware configurations and the provided unmetered bandwidth.

ServerMania runs a host of dedicated servers all of which are customizable and retail at different prices. The major differences between the plans are the storage capacity, cores, and RAM each that has been configured to cater to different categories of users. All the plans enjoy a 50GB cloud backup with significant differences in CPU capacity.

ServerMania dedicated servers boast of modern infrastructure that enables them to cater to big data analytics and back-office applications among other applications that can only be operated with high-performance hardware. Their clients are also at liberty to choose an operating system that suits their purposes and can, therefore, choose from the free Linux options to the windows server.

Virtual Systems (Vsys)

Three things that you can be sure to get from Virtual systems are protection from shutdowns, your website will always remain live and your identity will be kept private. Vsys also offers managed services to attend to other important engagements, and you can either opt for default server monitoring or settle with the full server administration.

Virtual systems accommodates all kinds of streaming software, and their dedicated servers have also been configured to support different types of streaming software. Once you are hosted by a Virtual system your account, will benefit from DDoS protection with the option of switching to the enterprise-grade, you also get the inline DDoS filter designed to filter out any malicious traffic, but at an additional cost of about $50/mo.

Virtual systems offers 3 streaming server hosting plans, the first one is the Pro stream that goes for $299, has a decent RAM of 16GB, and utilizes the E5-2620V3 (6×2.4GHZ) CPU. We then have the Premium stream plan, which goes for $349/mo, comes with a 48GB RAM, and utilizes a higher capacity CPU (E5-2670V3 (12×2.3GHZ) and lastly for individuals running demanding projects you have been provided with the Incredible stream plan that goes for $1249, has a huge RAM of 128GB and a (DUAL E5-2670V3 (24×2.3GHZ) CPU.

Best VPS for Discord Bot

What is a VPS for Discort bot?

Discord bots are automated assistants who will ensure that business runs as usual on your website when you are out of reach. They are AIs that moderate content on your site, detect a new member, and welcome them and they will also ensure that your site runs smoothly by banning anyone who goes against site policies.

Discord bots also allow you to customize your site by adding music, informative content, and games. In a nutshell, is that discord bots perform a host of functions autonomously, they can work for your site 24/7 but only when you are hosted by a powerful VPS.

Discord bots also enable seamless automation of server administrative tasks, but for that to come to fruition you must be able to access the latest technologies for the SSDs, databases, and CPUs. A good VPS should also ensure up to 99.9% uptime. The article below contains a list of a few reliable VPS for discord bots.

Galaxy Gate

Galaxy Gate is an affordable VPS for Discord Bot, the cheapest plan goes for $3/mo and offers up to 1Gbps downloads and 100mpbs upload. The plan is backed by unmetered bandwidth meaning that you will just have to pay for the speeds. The Standard 1GB plan is the cheapest offered by Galaxy Gate and offers live chat support and weekly backups for easy recovery and protection of files.

The service provider runs up to 7 plans with the highest plan going for $160/mo, and comes with a huge 64GB RAM, up to 200 GB NVME Storage, and 1.5 Gbps. Support for all their premium plans is through a live chat, all the plans benefit from unmetered bandwidth and weekly backups. And while the VPS works perfectly for discord bot, you can also use it to store backups, distribute files, host websites, and stream TVs and movies.


Vultr VPS offers scalable servers, upgrading to the next level is seamless because you won’t need to move your data. And while their plans are categorized into two, the service provider does have some cheap plans with decent features for example the $10 plan does come with up to 2TB bandwidth, while the $5 plan offers a decent 1TB bandwidth.

Notable is that the higher plans come with a powerful CPU, the server is customizable and there is no limit to what you can install from the PHP that works best for you and the operating system of your choice. Even better is that you are allowed to run a game server or real-time chat services. Important to note is that even if you decide to run more websites on the server you will not be charged extra.

You will also notice that the Vultr VPS interface is pretty intuitive thus navigation is seamless thanks to the big and bold labels. Remember that just like most Vps’s for discord bot, Vultr will not set up your server, you will have to set up everything from scratch by utilizing the Linux command.


Zelon only offers you four server options, with the cheapest plan going for $10, all the plans will utilize the same CPU, but there is some significant difference in the cores, RAM, and storage. The most expensive Zelon VPS package costs $40 and has a huge storage of 80GB NVMe, it comes with up to 4 cores and an 8GB DDDR4 Ram.

The setup process takes as little as 5 minutes and you can be sure of experiencing a blazing fast network, users will also be treated to full root access and control through the virtualizor panel. All the servers are backed by renowned DDoS protection of up to 1000Gbps and a 99.99 uptime. The incorporated NVME drivers facilitate faster server loading and quick response times.

Zelon caters to both small and huge demands and will create for you a custom solution that suits your engagements.

Sparked Host

So far Sparked Host is the only VPS for Discord Bot that offers a 48 hours money-back guarantee if you don’t find their services satisfactory. The service provider strives to provide a powerful platform, for hosting the discord bot, and among the features that will be coming standard with every package is an up to date hardware, free MYSQL databases, and DDoS protection among others.

Hosting options have been neatly categorized into four distinct packages, we, therefore, have the basic bot hosting that will cost only $1.00/mo. And with which you will get up to 10GB SSD storage, a 512Mb RAM, and you will have to personally manage your server. The second plan is the Advanced Bot Hosting that offers up to 20GB of storage, 1GB RAM and costs only $2.00/mo.

You can also settle with the Advanced bot hosting that goes for $4 or the Ultimate bot hosting, which is also the most expensive plan that goes for $10/mo and comes with a huge 50GB SSD storage, 5GB RAM, and up to 150% CPU. Contact to support is via a ticket.

Nexril VPS

Boasting of the enterprise-grade hardware, the virtual private servers from Nexril VPS have conveniently strayed from the norm, and payments will, therefore, be made quarterly. The first plan goes for $49/qtr and will provide you with the IPV4+ /64 IPv6 IP addresses, and up to 1TB transfer. Thus, the major differences between the plans are the memory size, the CPU cores, storage, and transfer capacity, and of course the price. Nexrill VPS is among the discord bot server service providers that also offers the IPV4+ 64/IPV 6 for free on all its packages.

The service provider’s most expensive package goes for $48/mo, it offers up to 16TB transfer, 16GB memory, and 6 CPU cores. All the plans are backed with DDoS protection, up to I Gbps port speed, and a Raid-10- SSD Storage, Nexrill VPS also guarantees their clients up to 99.99% uptime. The brand has a reputation of using only high-performance CISCO networking equipment which ensures reliable connectivity for its clients. They also boast of a knowledgeable support team as they are all trained to perfection.

Best Dedicated Server for Arma 3

Arma 3 is a resource-intensive military tactical shooter video game that has gaming enthusiasts, on the edge searching for reliable hardware to accommodate and run the game. Besides, gaming enthusiasts are always in constant conflict on the proper hardware to use with the video game. So, while one player is advocating for the Intel CPU, another group of players are fronting for Ryzen, which is known to offer single-core performance. Overall is that Arma 3 is a CPU-intensive game and for you to be furnished with enhanced visual fidelity and minimal to zero lag a dedicated server is your only option.

Investing in the best-dedicated server for Arma 3 is the only way to enjoy the game with zero hardware hardships, remember that Arma 3 has a steep learning curve so you don’t want to combine the hardships of learning the game with finding the right equipment. What many people fail to realize is that a CPU has to run the game and your PC must host the server as you play, and which leads to delay consequently killing the fun.

Arma 3 is an interesting game configured to simulate real military combat where you will find the game utilizing tools such as the range finders, compasses, and military vehicles among others. With that in mind let us break into the features of the best-dedicated server for Arma 3.

Host Havoc

Host Havoc boasts of up to 10 data centers across the globe, meaning that you can be sure of a 99.9% uptime as you play Arma 3 on the premium dedicated servers. The service provider offers you two dedicated server options, one that operates with Ryzen and which goes for $240, and the Intel-run server that goes for $180. So, whichever server that you decide to settle with you will be furnished with free DDOS protection, you will also be allowed full root access, and get a free dedicated IPV4.

Users are free to choose the OS of their liking from the wide variety of LINUX OS’s or better yet they can run their OS, but after providing a valid ISO. Host Havoc runs a variety of options, including installing a Windows server on a client’s dedicated machine that they can activate with their license or a trial. The service provider is known to utilize the latest hardware in the market and provides their clients with access to their server through the synergy control panel.

Synergy control panel is a dedicated server control panel that has been specially designed by Host Havoc for use by unmanaged clients. Host Havoc assures its clients of 24/7 support with no binding contracts and hidden fees.

GTX Gaming

GTX gaming runs a host of features that allow you to create your gaming server, and new games will be added as soon as they are released. Among the service provider’s best features is the remote desktop, which is provided with dedicated servers. This feature gives you the freedom to install other unique features that will enhance your gaming experience.

And if you thought that GTX Gaming dedicated servers are all play, you are mistaken because the TCAdmin 2 addon, allows you to sell some of the game servers so that you can pay for the box or start a game server company. Notable is that GTX gaming offers their customers the chance to make money gaming, and even better is that still under GTX gaming you are free to use the WHMCS to set up servers but by utilizing the customized plugin.

For Arma 3 GTX Gaming offers a custom control panel that simplifies hosting, their pricing is pocket friendly and users will be treated to amazing and scalable features.

Citadel Servers

Citadel offers hosting for Arma 3 from as low as 0.85 per slot/player and the advantage of hosting with the Citadel servers is that you will be provided with Arma 3, all Arma 3DLC, and Arma 3 Apex. Once you have purchased your dedicated server, you are allowed to upload your custom apps and even tweak the server map list.

Citadel Servers will provide you with more than 100 missions, a code manager, and a workshop mod downloader. The server rental will benefit from features such as full database access, advanced DDos protection, access to third-party tools, integrated backup, and high-performance Xeon processors. What’s more is that the control panel provided by Citadel servers are intuitive thus enables easy installation of the supported modes, and users can also change without restrictions.

Notable is that you can start, stop and reinstall your server. You are also free to schedule tasks, run backups, and scripts. You are also free to set admin permissions and view the server logs.

Logic Servers

For Arma 3, Logic servers offer you up to 4 unique server hosting options. So, if you wish to build your custom server you will have to part with £0.39 and here you will get between 15-60 slots, for 15 slots you will have to pay £10.49/mo, and for 30 slots it will cost you £19.24/mo and £34.24/mo for 60 slots. All the above packages are backed by DDos protection, reliable customer support, and mod support.

Logic servers invest in the most powerful processors, SSD storage, and Gigabit uplinks. The dedicated server provider has limited methods of accepting funds, so if you don’t have a MasterCard, a Visa Card, American Express, or PayPal then you will not be able to access the services.

Logic servers are stationed in the major cities, however, their dedicated servers are not exactly pocket friendly, the most expensive one goes for £240.00 while the cheapest goes for £110.00. The major differences between the servers is the processor and storage capacity. The dedicated servers from Logic servers operate on the premium network that has been built with a special focus on low latency and redundancy.

All the dedicated servers are IPV4 and IPV6 supported, they boast of powerful hardware and the managed server option comes as standard for Logic.

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

This depends on different factors. For instance, you can host between 150 and 500 websites on a dedicated server, depending on the web design.

When you create a website, you need to choose the right form of a web host. Most advanced website developers choose a dedicated server. A server is a hardware that can host a website and any data that is related to that site. Elements such as files, videos, images, and text are all stored on a server. The servers are found in data centers run by web hosting companies. When you choose a dedicated server, you expect it to help you host a high number of websites. Here is more!

Introduction to a dedicated server

A dedicated server is better than other forms of web hosting since you get a server that is only dedicated to you. This can help your website perform better. When you host websites on a dedicated server, you can get complete control over the settings. This server allows you to pick the software as well as your preferred configurations.

This server is ideal for enterprise-level websites that receive thousands of visits every month. You can either choose to manage the server on your own or let a hosting provider manage it on your behalf. Managing the server without any help is not that easy since you have to keep on monitoring every aspect and install updates on your own from time to time.

The pros and cons of a dedicated server

Pros Cons
Control over the server Expensive
Security Needs technical knowledge
Faster load times You have to handle everything
High uptime
No sharing resources

Hosting websites on a dedicated server

If you have chosen this server, you are probably wondering how many websites you can host on it. The number of websites varies based on the needs of users. Some of the factors that affect the number of websites that a dedicated server can accommodate include the following.

Bandwidth requirements

The volume of data transferred from a site to the internet as you use a web server is referred to as bandwidth. The number of visitors on your site and the type of content you want to host on the site determine the consumption of bandwidth.

If, for instance, you are hosting heavy file formats such as videos or photos on the site, they will consume higher bandwidth. If your websites get a lot of traffic, ensure that you allocate adequate disk space. You also need enough RAM and CPU to manage high traffic volumes on your site.

Email services

Email is a great service that can help you keep in touch with your customers. As you offer this service, you should think of the volume of emails you will be exchanging every day on your sites. When you have invested in managed dedicated hosting, this can give you room to host up to 250 sites. The number of websites that your dedicated server can host is dependent on the form of apps you intend to run on the server.


The platform that is utilized for designing the site as well as the web designing software play a significant role. Websites are categorized into two groups, namely dynamic and static. A static website is one that is made up of simple pages that don’t have a lot of data. Such sites are often small and have a simple design. Static websites also have less usage of elements that must be processed.

On the other hand, dynamic websites contain a lot of complex pages. The content in such websites is not the same. Content management systems such as WordPress create such websites. If you wish to host static websites, you will require a server that features fast spindle speeds and large hard drives. A dedicated server can help you host up to 500 static websites. If you, however, want to host dynamic websites on a dedicated server, you have to increase the RAM and CPU for faster processing of the MySQL database. A dedicated server can run between 150 and 250 dynamic websites.

Expansion plans

Is your business growing at a rapid rate and gaining a bigger client base? If yes, you should consider upgrading your resources on the server. When a server is overloaded and has few resources, it can slow down your websites and prevent some of them from working as expected.

You can avoid such situations by forecasting the growing needs of your business than making the necessary changes to ensure that all the websites that you host on the server run properly. Do not cut communication with the hosting provider since keeping in touch can help you learn more regarding their procedures and policies related to server upgrades before you experience any problems.

Other requirements

A dedicated server is popular since it offers room for customization. You can customize this server with certain apps and software to fulfill particular needs. Before you install any server add-ons or third-party apps, you should find out the number of resources that they are likely to consume to ensure smooth functioning. If you want to host a high of websites on a dedicated server, you require more resources due to the high number of apps in them.


Different factors have an impact on the number of sites that you can host on a dedicated server. For instance, you can host more static websites on a dedicated server compared to CMS-based sites. Things such as bandwidth requirements also have an impact on this.


Do dedicated servers have a memory limit?

Yes. Though these servers do not limit you on the number of websites you can host, they have a memory limit. This means that you can host the preferred number of sites while memory allows.

Should I host websites on a shared or dedicated server?

This depends on your needs. If you have a large number of websites that you want to host, consider a dedicated server.

Types of dedicated servers

Some of the types include cheap, standard, enterprise, and high-performance dedicated servers. Finding out how these types differ can help you choose the right option.

If you would like to deliver an excellent user experience to potential clients that visit your website, you should consider getting a dedicated server. This can make your website perform better and give you the freedom to run different apps and your favorite operating system.

Which dedicated server is right for me?

Though many people understand the importance of a dedicated server, they struggle to choose one type from the different forms available. Your selection no longer has to feel overwhelming since we will discuss some of the dedicated servers to help you decide which one is right for you. The types of dedicated servers include the following.

Cheap dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are not new to the hosting world. These have existed for a long time. When hosting was first introduced, many people chose between shared web hosting and dedicated servers. Virtual private servers were introduced a bit later. Website owners that initially chose shared hosting managed built traffic to high levels where this form of hosting could no longer work for their sites. They, therefore, looked for cheap dedicated servers that could eliminate most of the performance issues that they faced from shared hosting services.

Though dedicated servers have come a long way, this type of dedicated server is still available up to now. Cheap dedicated servers are ideal for medium and small-sized businesses. Startups can also consider this type of dedicated server. It can help you get better performance and greater reliability that is hard to find in shared web hosting. This type of dedicated server can boost the response time of your website.

You can get this type of dedicated server from companies such as SiteGround and GoDaddy. This type of dedicated server is the cheapest among the rest. Most providers that offer it charge monthly rates for the cheap dedicated server. You can also pay for such a server on an annual basis.

Standard dedicated server

If you feel that the specs of a cheap dedicated server are not adequate for your business, you should consider a standard dedicated server. This offers better performance and a higher quality build compared to the previous type of dedicated server. It is also ideal for medium-sized businesses. Some startups also choose this type of dedicated server since they need dedicated resources upon launching their websites.

Standard dedicated servers are available at different cloud companies as well as a business-class data center. This type of dedicated server is more expensive than cheap dedicated servers. It, however, features better specifications such as 64 GB DDR4 RAM and a 1TB hard drive. You can configure a standard dedicated server easily based on your requirements.

This dedicated server allows you to increase the hard drive, RAM as well as bandwidth. Once you invest in a standard dedicated server, you can even add extra hard drives and operations such as RAID. Most of the dedicated server hosting providers that offer this type provide options such as unmanaged and managed. You may even find a provider that also provides migration services.

Enterprise dedicated server

Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, you can consider this type of dedicated server. It is also suited for large global enterprises. This is a business class dedicated server that has similar hardware to that of an IT department. An enterprise dedicated server is more advanced than the types above since it is designed for maximum performance and reliability.

If you choose this type of dedicated server for your website, you can enjoy a high level of customization. It can help you customize resources such as RAM, CPU, HDD/SDD, and RAID. If you get a good hosting provider for the enterprise dedicated server, you may get access to options such as DIA, cloud direct connects, and IP addresses.

Rather than paying a monthly transfer rate for the enterprise dedicated server, a provider may charge you by internet circuits such as 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 200 Mbps. This dedicated server comes with better specs than the standard dedicated server. For instance, it features RAM of up to 1B, a hard drive of up to 50 TB, and a 3.2 GHz Turbo. This server is ideal for databases, analytics processing, and applications.

High performance dedicated server

Rather than purchasing costly hardware for high-performance computing, you should consider leasing and running this type of dedicated server. This type of server is ideal for big data analytics and scientific computation. Such a dedicated server is designed for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It includes GPU hardware from manufacturers such as AMD and NVIDIA. Since it is the most advanced type of dedicated server, you should expect excellent specs in it. Some of them include cloud storage of 10 GB, 960 GB SSD, and RAM of 64 GB.

The specs of different dedicated servers

Cheap dedicated servers Standard dedicated server Enterprise dedicated server High performance dedicated server
  • 500 GB storage
  • 3 IP addresses
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 TB bandwidth
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 15 TB transfer
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • 3.2GHz Turbo
  • 1TB RAM
  • Hard drive of up to 50 TB
  • 15 IP addresses
  • DDR4: 64 GB
  • Cloud storage of 10 GB
  • SSD: 960 GB
  • 100 TB transfer


Dedicated servers come in different types that one can choose from. As you compare the types we have discussed, you should also pay attention to the specs to determine which type would be an ideal fit.


What is a dedicated server?

This is a form of web hosting that can give you exclusive use of the entire server. With such a server, you will not share server resources such as the CPU or RAM with any other website user.

What are the applications of dedicated servers?

Though the most common is web hosting, you can also find dedicated servers for other applications, including email, gaming, and forex trading.

Is a dedicated server worth it?

Server worth: This can be worth it if you have a large business and are dealing with high traffic. If you require the most power for your cash, then a dedicated server is worth considering. It is ideal for advanced web developers as well as those that have unique requirements.

In this digital world, a strong internet presence is essential for the growth of a business. More customers now prefer looking for different products and services online as opposed to visiting physical stores. If you own a website, you should always give your customers uninterrupted access to your site so that you can remain relevant in your niche. You can achieve this by having a reliable server.

Introduction to servers

A server is a device that can control computer networks. This can easily store data from a host website and make it available on a different computer. It is a crucial device that enhances the communication between consumers and businesses. Server are categorized into different groups.

When you have a small business and have just established a website, you can choose shared hosting. This is the most affordable option that most small business owners choose. In this plan, one shares server resources with other website owners. As your business becomes bigger, you may have to upgrade to a virtual private server. This option can improve your website and business performance since it gives you some form of flexibility in terms of how your server will be configured.

A virtual private server can give your website its own space, different from other websites. Though this server is good, you still have to share resources with other site owners. Apart from the virtual private server, hosting providers also offer dedicated servers. This is the most expensive option of the three. Though it is costly, it may be worth it for large businesses since it is the most powerful server.

Why you should consider a dedicated server

Most site owners often find it challenging to choose the right server for their businesses. Every type of server has its own merits and demerits. Weighing these can help you figure out the right server. If you are wondering whether a dedicated server is the best option for your business, you should assess your business needs and also consider its size. Some of the benefits that your business can enjoy from a dedicated server include the following.


When you pay for a dedicated server, you will be the only site owner using the server. This means that your business can enjoy a high level of privacy and more control. Maximum privacy can make a significant difference in your business.


The reason why some people choose a dedicated server over the rest of the types is security. Since this server is not shared, it is more secure. If your business deals with sensitive information that it has to protect, you should consider paying for a dedicated server since it can make it more secure.

Having a dedicated server can help you protect details such as credit card numbers and confidential emails from falling into the hands of hackers. It can also keep your site safe from viruses. When you invest in a dedicated server, you get the chance to optimize different security features based on your precise needs.

Automation and artificial intelligence

When you pay for a dedicated server, it can give you more peace of mind since you will not have to worry about automation and artificial intelligence taking control of your data. A dedicated server can help you control your data better than using VPS or cloud VPS.

Helps manage traffic

When a site is growing quickly, it is important to consider a dedicated server since this can help manage an increase in traffic. Spikes in traffic can negatively affect the performance of your site if you are relying on shared hosting. This can increase the bounce rate and negatively affect user experience. It can, in turn, translate to loss of revenue. Having a dedicated server can prevent such occurrences since it can prevent your site from struggling to keep up with traffic increases.

Optimizing page loading times

If your site takes long to load, having a dedicated server can change this. Slow pages can negatively affect the performance of your website since they often lead to a high bounce rate and low engagement metrics. A dedicated server can optimize this aspect leading to more conversions. When you invest in a dedicated server, you will have all the bandwidth you require to improve your page loading times.

Are there disadvantages to a dedicated server?

Though a dedicated server has a lot of merits, it is not perfect. One of the things that discourage many site owners from paying for this server is its high cost. It is the most expensive type of server. If you are not experienced in using servers, a dedicated server may take some time to get used to. Though hosts can offer you advice on security, they leave the responsibility of making your server secure to you.

Here is where you can get a dedicated server

Provider Cost
Bluehost $79.99 per month
Inmotion $99.99 per month
A2 hosting $99.59 per month


A dedicated server can be worth it if you are anticipating the growth of your business or are experiencing lots of traffic. Before you invest in this plan, you should do comprehensive research to get a good dedicated server hosting provider. Weighing the merits against demerits can also help you determine if this is the right server for your business.


What are the major reasons why site owners choose dedicated servers?

These servers are mostly picked since they are quite powerful and offer enhanced privacy.

What kind of control can a dedicated server give you?

It gives you the liberty to pick the server software you like and even change hardware specifications. With a dedicated server, you can even install your preferred operating system.